One theme I have hit on here from time to time is the parasitic relationship between the progressive movement (Democratic Party) and the black community. I don’t think they were diabolical (smart enough) going in to realize what a gold mine they had and I will assume that their initial intentions were honorable. But the war on poverty that started under Johnson’s Great Society became the poster child for The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions. Some could argue that their intentions (political) was clear from the beginning, but the results, a crippling dependency analogous to a junkie and his dealer, has not benefited the black community.

The Democratic Party has turned the war on poverty into a cottage industry, and we see it propagated to this day as perpetuated by Obama and his You Did Not Build That slip up (yes, I’m calling it a slip up because he was off teleprompter and was left to his own devices). The message from their side is clear, you are not smart enough or capable enough to make it on your own, life is too hard and too prejudicial, too stacked against you for any even playing field, but we are here to help you. Those evil Republicans care only for Wall Street and the rich, they are the party of privilege but we are the party of the common man, we will watch out for you as long as we have the power, so keep voting for us, that is your only hope of survival.

And so the cycle goes, and make no mistake, they are as relentless as union bosses when their power is threatened. What has worked so well wit the black community over the decades is now being tried on Latinos (the highest growing demographic) so now we have Sanctuary Cities (all run by Democrats) and immigration laws being ignored.

But small cracks are appearing on the veneer. A new documentary is set to hit the movie theaters, take a look:

A few observations. There is a stirring passage in Malcolm X’s biography where after a speech given on some college campus a white student approached him with ,”What can I do to help you with your cause” and he replies with conviction ,”There is nothing you can do for me”. There are sufficient black leaders, black thinkers,perfectly capable to bring this fight without the help of those like Glenn Beck, for my own self I think he detracts from the message. This fight has to be waged on the streets in black neighborhoods, by those that populate those neighborhoods, Beck is not capable or appropriate as a point man.

We are used to seeing leftist documentaries coming out of Hollywood all the time (Michael Moore, Alexandra Pelosi, Aaron Sorkin, these folks still wield consider clout) but this is something wholly un Hollywood and wholly contrary to the party line. It will be interesting to see what kind of play and exposure (will it see the light of day in theaters in the inner cities?) it gets from the film distributors.

You would think 50 years would be sufficient time to evaluate any social experiment and this one has failed. And for me personally (as a conservative) it is not solely about the politics. We want everyone to prosper, we need more black folks experiencing the American Dream and succeeding, becoming wealthy and influential, a role model and a blueprint for others to break the chain of dependence and apathy.

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