The 71 Year Old Gunslinger

The Second Amendment strikes again:

Details at the link. Basically, two men walked into an internet cafe to rob … wait a minute … internet cafe? Well, actually, the internet cafe is an internet cafe with a casino. You can see the slot machines in one of the reverse angles. It’s a sort of legalized state-sanctioned gambling.

Anyway, these two bozos walked into an internet cafe, guns drawn, ready to rob. But 71 year-old Samuel Williams had a conceal-carry. He calmly took his gun out and opened fire, chasing them off, probably yelling after them to get a haircut. He hit both of them but not fatally. You could argue that means he needs some more time at the range but 95% of us would have been pissing ourselves the whole time so I’m inclined to respect his obviously enormous balls.

Also, there is no question no charges will be brought. This is pretty much the textbook definition of Stand Your Ground.

Update: My absolute favorite part of this video is watching these guys trip over each other as they try to run for the door. Man, we have a low quality of criminal these days.

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  1. Mississippi Yankee

    Mr. Williams’ gun appears to be a .380 or sub-compact 9mm semi-auto pistol. Not particularly lethal weapons but, in this case, got the job done.

    Look for the local (FL) media to be probing into his past… has he groped any cousins as a child? Did he vote for Bush? Did he steal the name Williams from a poor black family?

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  2. Hal_10000 *

    I have a feeling that if the media try to screw with Mr. Williams, he will make them take out his garbage and mow the lawn.

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  3. Nexus

    Excuse me….I know this is very serious and could have turned out disasterous..but…

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