Pest Problem

Today I was reading about the rat infestation problem Portland is dealing with in two parks that were formally occupied by America’s great unwashed, those wacky recalcitrants allergic to soap and good manners, the OWS degenerates. Isn’t that usually the way it goes? Filth, feces and garbage left unattended too long invariably breeds disease, rats and OWS’ers, not sure which pest surfaced first but they all have a synergistic effect, fortifying each other.

But lest you think they lost their enthusiasm and all went home (wherever home is, jail, some homeless shelter, under a bridge somewhere) get ready for round two. With welfare checks cashed and EBT cards pooled, they are tanned, rested and ready to cause more trouble, break more windows, and trash neighborhoods again.

Well, at least they have removed the facade of civility, admitting that they are anarchists and targeting capitalism as the real enemy {yawn}.

How brave all these OWS pussies are, needing handkerchiefs and hats to hide their identity, you would think that if that thought what they were doing was at all noble and virtuous, they would want the world to know who they are. But breaking and stealing stuff is hardly noble, so they hide themselves, too ashamed to stand out.

Yes, violence is the answer, if you are a criminal. But as they said, peaceful protests is not working, sterner measures are needed. So if, God forbid, you own a business in one of those host cities, get out now because those champions of the common man and defenders of justice will trash your establishment quicker then you can say ,”public assistance”.

They say that actions speak louder then words, but louder still is a police baton upside your head. I know, we can’t brain all of them, how about just the ones breaking the law? Or how about this?

The beauty of micro waving them is that the beams will make all the males sterile so they can’t breed. I gotta admit, that looks like fun, turn that dial to extra crispy.

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  1. Mississippi Yankee

    Neither these people nor the original OWSers were using their own money. Welfare recipients and EBT card holders don’t, as a rule, bite the hand that feeds them.

    People like George Soros, Peter Lewis, Steven Bing and Herb Sandler, yanno the future oligarths, will gladly fund this merry band of ‘useful idiots’.

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