Octo Gag

I heard rumors of this on the Kardashian News Network last year but figured No Way, if there is money to be made in this arena, Casey Anthony would do it first. Proving that you can never lose money over estimating the salacious nature of your audience, Octomom has up and done it, made a porno movie. But seriously, isn’t this the Solyndra of adult fair?

For the mildly curious, here is the SFW trailer.

Putting good taste aside, I’m all for working the capitalist angle. If she can make some money in ventures like this, making it honestly without sponging off the government and living on public assistance, I say ,”You go, Girl”. If she wants to start a 976 sex chat line, talk about her stretch marks or how she has treated her vag like a clown car over the years, and there is a market for it, sail that ship.

Hopefully there is a large ensemble of co actresses present, otherwise, straight to DVD.

I was thinking about other notorious has been one trick pony women who would be better served going this route. Sheepishly, I have to admit that I always had a thing for Kate Gosselin, where is her tape? I suspect that there is a Lindsey Lohan tape(s) floating around unbeknownst to her, probably filmed during one of her drug binders. Now that Amanda Bines has hit the skids (Sure, Obama will take care of this for you) maybe she can broaden her horizons, a Playboy spread at the very least.

I would have expected a book deal first for the Octomom, assuming she can read or write.

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  1. Hal_10000

    It was pretty obvious we were going to end up here. Maggie McNeill predicted this the second Octomom turned down the playboy spread.

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