How Do You Solve A Problem Like Egypt

I keep writing posts on Egypt and then deleting them. It appears that the military is simply not going to allow the Muslim Brotherhood to win the elections, having dissolve parliament and delaying the Presidential election results. While it’s tempting to think this is a good move, I have to agree that supporting another junta is likely to backfire on us in a big way.

I don’t envy Obama having to navigate these waters but I think, so far, he’s doing the right thing by keeping us the hell out of it. I would be — and maybe he is — quietly redeploying our resources in the region in anticipation of an Egyptian state that is hostile to israel. But there’s nothing we can really do. Sometimes you have to just watch countries go to hell.

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    well, he willingly stirred the pot with his speech and backed the “Arab spring” but not Iran’s Green Revolution………… i guess Persians don’t count.,

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