War Without End


On Face the Nation on Sunday, Mitt Romney said that if elected president he wouldn’t have to get congressional permission for a military strike on Iran.

I can assure you if I’m president, the Iranians will have no question but that I will be willing to take military action if necessary to prevent them from becoming a nuclear threat to the world. I don’t believe at this stage, therefore, if I’m president that we need to have a war powers approval or special authorization for military force. The president has that capacity now.

Now douse that with some salt because this is Romney and he’ll say anything. But this is the apotheosis of the unitary executive idea cooked up under Bush and brought to its apotheosis under Obama. Obama blatantly ignored the War Powers Act in attacking Libya. And now, Romney is taking it a step further.

I think it’s pretty clear where I stand on this … where I have always stood on this. The Constitution gives the war-making authority to Congress, not the President. Right there in Article I, Section 8.

If Romney is elected and does indeed attack Iran without Congressional authority, the most fun/aggravating part which will be watching the Flopping of the Pundits, as the conservative ones race to say this is OK and the liberal ones scream about tyranny. Only a handfull will have said the same thing with Obama and Romney: this is not the way it’s supposed to work.

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  1. Section8

    Unf’ing believable. Do any of these jerkoffs even pay attention to the fact that most have had enough of this shit?

    Here’s the response he should have said. Iran doesn’t have the capability to strike us. This is a European issue; let them worry about it. If they are not worried, then great. If they are, then they can do whatever action they need to do. As for Israel, they have the right to defend themselves, it’s not up to us to dictate. Enough said, move on.

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  2. Poosh

    I was under the impression that though Obama did ignore that War Powers Act thing, it was absurd that it should have been in place in the first place. Some probably said that here, actually.

    Is a UN police action war? I don’t know. And is military action, an act of war in itself? I don’t know about that. If there is a ticking clock scenario (as there was in Libya technically, but Obama took ages with that anyway so that’s probably irrelevant), especially when it comes with attacking already heavily defended and fortified (underground unless I’m mistaken) facilities in Iran, then going to a parliament in pubic is in itself quite a stupid situation to be in, in the first place. Not to say a compromise could not be achieved, a closed-doors vote, for example.

    For what it’s worth, I don’t think Romney is being serious, I think he’s far too wet to attack anyone, sadly. But I think we all know that when we look at him. Newt was far better at foreign police, in fact he was damn right intimidating.

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  3. Poosh

    This is a European issue

    No it isn’t. I read somewhere that Saudi Arabia might be moving towards upping their game. The only thing stopping the Middle East and the Muslim world from rolling over everyone is they’re classically divided. Giving one side nukes is not in anyone’s interest.

    And more importantly, I think: IT AFFECTS ISRAEL. < Your allies and quite frankly, brothers.


    I noted some of the links in the article, one thing I hate about some sorts of religious libertarians (and they ARE religious, replacing religious doctrine with childish libertarian delusions, the ron-paul folks I suppose) is their totalizing stupidity. They literally think everyone thinks in the same manner as they do. Every country that wants to wipe out the west does so because of what the west had done "to them" and that every country and person has rational self-interest that is exactly the same as they do, they, who have been bred in a WESTERN country. Of course some of these libertarians think we're all gifted with exactly the same brains and individuality, which is puerile. Fortunately there are many libertarians who aren't this stupid.

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  4. Section8

    Poosh, I don’t hop on the bandwagon that any attack against the west is simply because we deserve it, any more than I think if an arsonist was to burn down a building it’s because the owner of the building must be at fault for one reason or another. What I do know is being world cop is expensive, and the reward of it is relatively minor if any. We just simply cannot afford to jump into every single event that happens in the world, monetarily or emotionally. When I say it’s more of a European issue, it is because as far as Iran’s technology, they would be at bigger risk of taking a hit. Now how they handle that risk (if they even see a risk) should be up to them. The same goes for Israel. The EU is on par with us as far as economic strength, and is more than capable of investing in the situation. Getting mired in a conflict with Iran will simply cost us money we don’t have and create more outrage against us. As I see it, if this is a big enough threat, there are plenty of others who can step up to the plate.

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  5. Poosh

    Section8 < I tried to make sure my writing wasn't an attack on you, i put a line somewhere in there etc to try and make sure that was clear.

    Living in the EU basically, we're f*cked. The idea that we can stop Iran is hilarious. I have no qualms of admitting we need America to save us. There's no shame in that. I am entirely grateful for America being the world cop, as it were. I understand the "fuck it, you ungrateful bastards" point, but I am grateful quite frankly. The world is falling apart as we speak.

    In addition it was my understanding that military action will not work on Iran, now, as their facilities are far too defended/placed in high-civilian areas. The reasonable worse case scenario is probably a single nuke going off in one major city, nothing too bad (ok, that's pretty bad, but it could be worse) + the arms race, which has far worse repercussions for us down the line, half the posters here would have died of old age by then mind you.

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  6. Section8

    Fair enough Poosh, and I’m not in disagreement with your view about some of the Libertarians out there who are on the we deserve it kick. I think they are full of shit.

    Anyhow I appreciate your gratefulness and I’ve enjoyed your posts for quite a while, but a lack or abundance of gratefulness isn’t really the issue for me. Part of it just the down right vile comments from some over there. You see the views on capitalism and America in general from some of our NATO “allies” and wonder whose side some of these countries would pick if Russia were to become the USSR again. These are not really countries I’d want to see my fellow citizens take a hit for to be honest. Anyhow, I think our reign as world cop should be over. I know many Americans don’t see it that way as they equate world cop to superpower, but that’s not really the case. To me and history shows, real power comes with having a strong economy and superpowers that have fallen apart over history have some things in common. Lots of bills and being stretched too thin especially militarily, which is the other part of my reason I think we should get out of the world cop business.

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  7. Mississippi Yankee

    Romney isn’t going to attack Iran, now or later, he knows it as anyone who has ever read a history book does too. Further more Iran isn’t, and more importantly, can’t attack anyone either. They have never had a successful rocket launch to date. Nor will the Russians give them the technology to in the near future. Just like the ChiComs use North Korea.

    Communism’s purpose since the early days of Lenin at least has been to keep the West on our back foot. Iran, as a puppet, does exactly that with regard to Israel, Europe and to a slightly lesser degree the U.S. BTW N. Korea is being used in much the same way against S. Korea, Japan and the Pacific interest of the U.S.

    As Putin re-consolidates power in the Kremlin and China reshuffles it’s top end both of these puppets, Iran being the ‘flavor of the month’, work perfectly to that end.

    This game, this Danse Macabre is what this world has become. No actually it’s always been this way, nuclear weapons just up the stakes a bit.

    IMHO World Cop is an over-used cliche right along the lines pointed out in Jonah Goldberg’s new book “The Tyranny of Clich├ęs”

    This is just Capitalism-vs-Communism with chess pieces.
    En Garde

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