TSA Tightens Up

Well, this is good news, right? TSA fired five workers and suspended 38 more. Surely, they were fired for groping grannies or threatening kids or assaulting bloggers or … aww, batshit:

The workers were terminated and suspended because a secret, internal investigation showed that they “failed to perform random screenings last year.”

According to News-press, Castelveter said that the undercover internal surveillance of the airport’s security checkpoints lasted for two months. The investigators found that about 400 passengers were let through without random checks. Castelveter didn’t disclose what the typical percentage of passengers that must get random screening on top of the routine searches.

The message from TSA is loud and clear: they will not punish people for going too far. But they will definitely punish people for not going far enough. So expect air travel to get even worse.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    They also refuse to admit that, even when it is painfully obvious, they vandalize and steal from luggage. Houston is particularly bad.

    I’ve received several form letters basically telling me that TSA employees are just too godlike to ever engage in petty vandalism – it must have been those other people that ransack checked luggage.

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