The Elizabeth Warren debacle in MA.

In Massachusetts, where Elizabeth Warren is yet again running against Scott Brown for the seat vacated when Ted Kennedy was called to the matt to explain the Mary Jo Kopechne incident along with a slew of other such abhorrent things, there is a big brouhaha going on that seem to put the whole affirmative action movement into perspective. The gist of this unfolding scandal is that before Warren, and I should add her husband in a two-for deal, was hired by Harvard, she identified herself as a double minority – a female and a Native-American – but that distinction quickly vanished once she was part of the Harvard staff. The left has focused, as expected, on the angle that the issue is whether she had the right to claim that status or not.

At issue is that Warren is reputed to be, depending on how you break it down, 1/32 American Indian. Keep in mind that while some point out that this claim is based on a number that assumes that the ancestor she claims this minority status from had to be 100% Native, or the possibility that the Native-American was a second wife, a practice that was common back then, this is still not the focus discussion, even when this is exactly what the left hopes to make it. That argument they can win or use to distract from the bigger issue.

But Warren being Native-American or Native-American enough, is not what is at issue here: what is, is the thing that paints the whole Affirmative Action movement in a dark light, and that is the fact that Warren identified herself as Native-American while that served her career advancement purpose, but quickly dropped that once she got the Harvard hire. The story has morphed from the ludicrous “it was done by others, and not me” line off defense her campaign first tried to hide behind, to the even more insane and disgusting “I used it to make friends” meme, with the usual suspects in the LSM and academia working double time to make the absolutely unbelievable and stupid case that universities, the most diversity driven cesspools of affirmative action, in this classic affirmative action case did none of that, and that she was hired because she was just that awesome. That claim by Harvard and the many others is easily debunked by just looking at the facts.

What we have here is a case of a true believer, a collectivist twit of the highest order, gaming the affirmative action system, and who cares if she was doing it within the boundaries of what was allowed or not, and then pretending that the system isn’t a huge scam. That’s the big story. Warren got tenure at Harvard because she was a double whammy for their affirmative action compliance program, a woman and a Native-American collectivist to boot, and there is no argument the left can make to deny that. Then, when she had arrived, she conveniently dropped her Native-American bonafides because she didn’t need them out there anymore. After all, someone could then use those to point out she was an affirmative action hire. Of course, the admission that the system is rigged and totally abused isn’t something the left wants highlighted. I expect that amongst the intelligentsia in leftist politics and the LSM some will keep pretending, to the bitter end, that the mean right is just picking on this innocent woman – War on women! – while others, once the heat gets too close for comfort and endangers the whole AA scam by making people question how often this practice happens, will throw her under the bus, pretending to be offended that she gamed the system, as if the system isn’t constantly gamed and totally arbitrary, anyway.

We shouldn’t let the left’s credentialed elite get away with this and hammer home how stupid and worthless the whole AA scheme really is. Even in blue MA, I think, the revelation that the elite are abusing the system that’s supposed to provide social justice, thus providing nothing of the sort, will have consequences. If it causes this pseudo-marxist’s campaign to implode that’s good, but if it finally provides enough people with the knowledge of how insanely stupid and illogic the vile AA scheme is, and then undermines it’s credibility and helps us do away with the whole leftist scheme, it is even better. I wonder how many better qualified people, some even other Native-Americans got shafted because of Warren. No wonder Native-Americans are pissed at her while the LSM and the left, if you will pardon the expression, are circling the wagons.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    I think that, if nothing else, it is proof that academics should never be allowed to enter politics.

    I mean, aside from the experience in dealing with the real world, there’s the excessive PC games they play, and institutionalized Marxism to deal with…

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  2. Argive

    I think that, if nothing else, it is proof that academics should never be allowed to enter politics.

    What about Glenn Hubbard? I’d hardly call him a proponent of Marxism.

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  3. Seattle Outcast

    Every rule has exceptions to be considered on a case by case basis.

    That you can only think of one exception pretty much proves my point though…

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  4. Argive

    That you can only think of one exception pretty much proves my point though…

    Well, you’ve also got John Taylor at Stanford. And the economics department at George Mason is pretty conservative. These are the influential people I can think of off the top of my head.

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  5. Mississippi Yankee

    I’m literally surrounded by Indians (Choctaw) and just like her they came from Oklahoma too.
    But not one of them looks like this “chalk faced whore”

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  6. Mississippi Yankee

    I’m literally surrounded by Indians

    Literally!? What are you on a wagon train?

    Close, I live just south of Philadelphia MS. The Choctaw reservation is broken up into many sections,: to my NE to my NW to the West and to the South of here. Lots of stills yo my East so they travel there too.

    One of the first bits of advice I received when I moved here 18 years ago was to keep an eye on my dog and to watch out for “braves” walking down the middle of the road after dark.

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