Real Reporting on Zimmerman

The media are finally getting the idea that George Zimmerman is no some character on TV, but a real person. It’s a good read and gives more background to the situation and him, showing us both his good and bad sides. As you read it, remember how the left wing blogs quickly proclaimed Zimmerman to be an obvious racist, a vigilante thug and a cold-blooded killer.

You can also read about the long history this prosecutor has of over-reach in bringing charges. The case of Marissa Alexander is looking like a travesty of justice far outshining what’s going on in the Martin case. It should be on the nightly news at least as often as the Martin case is.

More of this, please. It’s called “reporting”, for media members who are a little confused by pieces that don’t consist entirely of quotes from the powerful.

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  1. hist_ed

    Regading the Marissa Alexander piece: What the fuck is it with juries? I know that judges and the prosecutor sometimes work together to exclude some material, but what happened to “beyond a reasonable doubt”?

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