You know, he has a point:

The president is in full campaign mode. So is Congress. The federal government has been put into a holding pattern until the November elections.

Like “Major, Major, Major” from “Catch-22,” it appears that although everyone in Washington is still there, no one is actually there.

This being the situation, one might ask — Why don’t they all go home? They could leave Washington to the pundits and lobbyists.

The president especially needs to leave.

Not because he has been ineffective in managing the nation, but because in his zeal to find new groups to blame for our economic failures, by leaving town he could be in a position to travel the countryside blaming what he left behind.

In fact, he could even blame the White House since he would not be there. He could claim no residency and thus no responsibility. He could run against Washington, the Congress and the White House. It would be the ultimate political strategy, deftly executed from Chicago. It would also place the blame where it should be.

Members of Congress, once they returned home or to wherever, could also run against themselves.

As long as this came with suspending their pay, it might not be a bad idea. Well, it’s a bad idea, but it’s an honest one. Because we might as well not have a government right now. Social security, debt, the economy — all of these are on the back burner for the next six months while we argue over whose fault the current mess is. The idea of solving problems — and pay the requisite political price — is regarded as heresy.

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  1. Kimpost

    Welcome to the new era of politics, where the first year (or two, tops) in office might be about politics, while the rest is about campaigning.

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  2. AlexInCT

    Welcome to the new era of politics, where the first year (or two, tops) in office might be about politics, while the rest is about campaigning.

    You must not have paid close attention to the last 3+ years Kimpost. The campaigning never, ever stopped. That’s all Obama can do effectively, his only skill is to have the LSM promote him as a brilliant mind and help him sell the snake oil and used cars, so it is not a surprise. And if you mean ramming through horrible and stupid legislation that can neither be paid for nor justified when you mention politics, then you are correct about that 2 year window.

    BTW, I find it hilarious how concerned the left and the LSM is with the lack of action by the lame duck do nothing congress – mostly because Reid in the Senate is blocking anything and everything I remind the people not paying attention to the real facts – when they made it a point to do the same during 8 years of Bush. I guess this dysfunction is akin to how the left interprets bipartisanship to mean they get their way when they are on top, and the other side does what the left wants anyway, when they are not.

    Me, I would prefer the roll back 80% of what we have now, then do not do anything ever again. It’s the safest way to prevent the people from being screwed by the credentialed political class.

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