Titanic Stupidity

A hundred years, my, how time flies. I spent the sinking of the Titanic centennial watching the only factual, truly amazing depiction of the actual event, A Night To Remember on TCM. You want a fairly accurate portrayal, sans dopey Hollywood alliteration and creative license, this is where you go. A few years back there was a nice Titanic exhibit that, while making it’s way around the nation, made a stop in my area. Sure, all the relics look really old, a hundred years in sea water will do that to you, but what I thought pretty cool was the personal stories, the diaries/journals, the human element of those that were affected, heroism, the will to survive, and the fate of the lucky few.

Historical events, especially those that touched so many, can not only provide some perspective in to the human element, but provide us with some levity, proving that no event in history, no matter how monumental and civilization altering can escape some that truly are too stupid to live.

Obama voters, you gotta love them. Remember, no matter how much time you put in becoming an informed voter, studying the issues, understanding the different solution put forth by the different parties, there will always be someone like these folks who will vote and totally negate your will at the ballot box.

That gadabout submariner, AGW devotee and all too annoying Obama sycophant is re releasing Titanic in 3D. Granted, a semi naked Kate Winslet was worth the price of the popcorn, but something truly amazing like flying boobs is about the only thing that will get people in those seats.

Although the “Genius” medallion has been placed around Cameron’s neck by more then a few people, I do not be grudge anyone their millions (billions) when a service is provided and the money was came to honestly (no doubt he is paying his fair share in taxes) but when I hear stuff like this:

At one point, Cameron suggested that the passengers should have climbed onto the iceberg and waited for the rescue ships to come.

Sure, make some slushies while your at it.

But with a big bank account comes the obligation to preach, so we get the impending global warming Armageddon prediction and some good old fashioned class warfare mixed in for effect:

You’ve got the starving millions who are going to be the ones most affected by the next iceberg that we hit, which is going to be climate change. We can see that iceberg ahead of us right now, but we can’t turn.

Why not? Captain Obama is doing his darndest to turn that ship, and with the help of kind folks like yourself, who will no doubt forgo some of those pleasure cruises in your own personal submarine to feed those “starving million” you speak of, a better world is just around the corner.

Come on, James, Jesus fed the multitude with 7 loaves and a few small fish, certainly Mr. Avatar can do better.

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  1. West Virginia Rebel

    A hundred years from now, people may well look back and snicker about how ignorant our liberals were about actual science, much in the same way we heap scorn on Victorian spiritualism and assorted quackery.

    Like most wealthy alarmists, Mr. Cameron seems to be doing all right for a guy who gets millions in funding from corporations (studios and the companies that run them) to make movies using technology made by corporations, and to live off the royalties he makes from corporations that rent and sell copies of his movies.

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  2. AlexInCT

    You think that is good, read the reactions to this story about a horned owl attacking a small dog!

    My favorite “Eureka” moment that cemented for me the fact that your usual tree hugging liberal is an insane fool and beyond hope of any kind, happened when I was reading comments on a BBC blog about an awesome nature series that had been running. Several of the posters loved the show, as did I. It was some production. Unfortunately there where several others that had gotten real angry that the show despoiled the true beauty and nature of nature, by of all things showing a predator kill and eat another animal. Their objection was because they KNEW that sort of stuff never happened in real nature, where all animals co-existed in peace, just like Walt Disney movies likely thought them. In fact, one even accused the BBC of projecting man’s evil ways and his need to kill on Gaia’s perfect creations.

    I thought this stupid stuff was sarcasm or some people playing a gag to rattle the cages of the others there, but these clueless fucks where dead serious about how animals never kill other animals. That’s when I realized how disconnected from reality your average tree hugging nature loving lib really was. When you have people that lack the most basic understanding of nature like these driving policy through their vote and money, it is no wonder we have all the screwed up crap we have these days going on.

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  3. Seattle Outcast

    Sure, climb up on the iceberg… After all, it’s not moving at all, and comes equipped with ladders, handholds, stairs and large, flat non-skid surfaces…..

    And as for sustainability, I’ve been seeing that particular line of BS trotted out for 15 years now. Even through two major revamps, it’s still a stalking horse for ecotard world government.

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  4. Miguelito

    Although as we’re all communists I guess he’s just trying to fit in.

    Wait? You’re not!?!? :)

    Sure, climb up on the iceberg

    Not to mention there’s not a huge gain in sitting on a huge block of ice over being in the freezing water… even if they had somehow done that, they still would’ve likely frozen to death before rescue came anyway.

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  5. Mississippi Yankee

    Although as we’re all communists I guess he’s just trying to fit in.

    Water (and other liquid) does seek it’s own level.

    P.S. Say Hey! to Xena for me, I don’t care how stupid her and her husband have become (well him always)

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  6. CM

    Water (and other liquid) does seek it’s own level.

    Nice ;-)
    The survivors comprised of a higher-proportion of people exercising self-interest too.

    Say Hey! to Xena for me

    I’ve not met her but have met her Dad (Frank) a few times – he was a City Councillor who sat on a few hearings I was involved in. Lovely man. One day he bought in a shoe (probably more accurately described as a slipper) some rabid Japanese fan had inexplicitly sent her. No idea why he decided to take it to work. He read the note that came with it. Bad english – it made no sense whatsoever.
    The family is locally famous, and that was the case before Lucy got that role – involved in many areas of public life, mostly law and politics.

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  7. Seattle Outcast

    Not to mention there’s not a huge gain in sitting on a huge block of ice over being in the freezing water… even if they had somehow done that, they still would’ve likely frozen to death before rescue came anyway.

    Rescue was hours away, in theory (and only in theory, because you can’t fucking climb up an iceberg once you’re soaked) they could have survived long enough…..maybe.

    On the other hand, once your ass is in really cold water without an exposure suit, you have minutes to live. Diving in Puget Sound requires either a dry suit or a 13 – 14 mm wetsuit, and the water there is relatively warm compared to the northern Atlantic with icebergs floating by. You can easily die from exposure in far less than an hour in 45 degree water.

    Water conducts body heat 40 times more efficiently than air. which is why diving in “warm” water of 80 degrees will still chill the body and give you a ravenous appetite.

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