A Wild Animal Problem

Being a right thinker in the land of lunacy (California, and the Bay Area in particular) has taught me to be a good loser. Since there is precious few of us willing to push back against the perpetual drag towards becoming France or Sweden, all I can do is prepare myself financially,all the while unable to avert my eyes from the slow motion car wreck that will inevitably end tragically. But I can’t say I wasn’t warned.

Watching all the Obamabots hugging each other under those Greek columns, the tears flowing and the swaying in unison, I honestly thought that there might be something to this “President for all the people” stuff. All the proclamations about HE which will transcend all racial divides, He which will elevate all of us to “Americans”, I gotta admit, at the very least I thought to myself that since a white/black guy (NYT parlance) was now “The Man” and a black guy was the head law enforcement officer in the land, at least now they can STFU about not getting a seat at the table. Making more people more inclusive, more invested in the American Dream, and more able to partake thereof, what could possibly go wrong?

Well, it turns out that some people are still not satisfied, still got a stick up their bumm, and still are cranky about the status quo:

Suit up and boot up………….I like it.

This video is making the rounds. I found it on several sites yesterday. And the standard response is pretty typical. Like why isn’t Holder or Obama doing something about it? Could it be that if Obama had a son, he would look (and sound) just like Malik Shabazz? Given that Holder eighty sixed the voter intimidation cased against the NBPP earlier, we knew he was going to go out of his way to protect “his people”. Another popular reaction on the message boards is ,”Bring it, there are diametrically more rednecks then Black Panthers out there, this race war of yours would last about as long as Schwarzkopf against the Iranian military in Desert Storm. Besides, you guys are all pussies and would not come to my neighborhood”. This “jersey popping” is understandable, but hardly useful.

For my own self, I don’t get too worked up over stuff like this. Shabazz, Farakan, even the usual race hustlers like Sharpton and Jackson, this is how they make themselves relevant. Without racial divisiveness and the resultant hatred it foments, they got nothing going on and would be just another unemployment line mope without it. It is interesting that one of the stated goals is to starve capitalism (replacing it with what?) but it is that very capitalism that provides these clowns with a good living and a means to elevate their financial standing.

Being rather partial to the First Amendment, speech like this is protected, as much as what Fred Phelps and his gang of misfits have to say, and that goes for the KKK, and any other “exclusionary” band. I got no problem with the congressional black caucus (wondering when the congressional white caucus or Hispanic caucus will surface), with private clubs that want to discriminate wrt their membership (Augusta, you keep fighting the good fight) or with groups that want to congregate and mingle with like minded folks. Yes, there are enumerated exceptions to free speech, but keeping them segregated and definable, and not going out of your way with nonsense like “hate crimes”, and providing any infringement thereof with articulated legally mandated yardsticks or hurdles, keeps the spirit of the First Amendment vibrant.

Yes, advocating for a race war and “killing crackers” sounds ominous, and the Overt Act necessary for a complaint of inciting a riot can be interpreted differently (couldn’t that “dead or alive” bounty placed on Zimmerman’s head by the NBPP be considered an overt act?), but words can’t kill people so a judicious application of the law protects all of us.

Crazy stuff is spoken all the time, I hear there is a steady diet of it over at MSNBC. Being provocative and shocking is the only tool some have, and you have to admit, nonsense like this gets you attention. Radical Islamists have been preaching pretty much the same stuff. Obama’s favorite preacher has been warning of these “roosting chickens”. There will always be disaffected individuals spouting change, some even violent revolutionary change, this is the price you pay to live in a free society. As long as they fight their fight on the airwaves and at the ballot box, being stupid and saying stupid things is not a crime, that old sticks and stones thingee.

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  1. Mississippi Yankee

    Crazy stuff is spoken all the time

    Affirmation or condemnation?

    This post certainly should give one pause especially after John Derbyshire’s firing from NR last week.

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  2. Seattle Outcast

    Good grief, I couldn’t even get through 2 minutes

    I didn’t even last 15 seconds. There is something so annoying about a stupid ghetto blather that I find painful. I’m sure at least half of it is the stupid all by itself, but it gets magnified when when you hear the racist ghetto patter thrown in.

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