The myth is falling apart?

Think back to 2008 how we where told Obama was going to be the second coming. He was going to fix everything wrong in the world. Remember that peace prize they gave him, with so much fanfare, pomp, and circumstance, for not being Bush. Recall all that talk about how he and the left where going to reset the massive damage of 8 years of Bush’s cowboy policies had caused and instantly heal everything because he was just so damn smart and good at this stuff. Think about all those foreigners and locals that loved the “Hope & Change” meme and the promise of clean air, clean energy, clean politics, and love amongst the people of the earth.

Fast forward 3+ years. The guy has pissed on every ally’s leg and told them it was warm rain. The enemies that suddenly would see the wisdom of Obama’s ways and the new US policies are more numerous, more emboldened, and even making fun of Obama. We have had an expansion of the areas of conflict, with Obama taking his right as the executive to new heights Bush could only have dreamed off getting away with, and even had a real war for oil. The oil was for the Europeans however, but that’s details. Iran is on the verge of a nuke, Israel is frightened and thinking it has to deal with this itself, because nobody else cares, and even the Arabs are worried the US has gone insane. The economy is still a mess, but even after a trillion dollar patronage bill and 3 straight years of trillion and a half deficit spending, another $5 trillion of new debt, and the economic wonders that Obamacare portends, it’s all Bush’s fault.

Things are falling apart, but Team Obama however seems more concerned with b-ball and race baiting. At least many of the rubes are finally catching on. This guys is a far worse political animal than the one he demonized and separated himself from in order to win the last election. Must suck that despite the LSM’’s complicity people are finding out that the emperor has no cloths on and that he is not just his own worse enemy, but bad for us all.

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  1. Mook

    Not all, but most of his supporters will never admit what a collosal mistake they made in actually believing Obama’s bullshit. I mean, didn’t ANY red flags or alarm bells go off when Obama brought in those fake greek columns as a background for his speech, or when he said that the ocean would stop rising as a result of his Presidency? That’s some seriously incredible shit that they were willing to swallow.

    Most of Obama’s supporters back then, however, probably now know that they were lied to, even if many of them try to rationalize his lies, corruption and race-baiting.

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  2. Seattle Outcast

    I’ve noticed that, with the exception of the far-left crowd, those who promoted him in 2008 now just don’t talk about the upcoming election. Don’t know if they still plan to vote for him out of any party loyalty, but they certainly don’t want to be reminded of their past gushing over the would-be messiah.

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  3. Kimpost

    They’ll mostly vote for him again, based on shared values, but some of his star powers have faded. I don’t think that he’ll be able to get the same turnout this time around. It will be a close election.

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  4. Mook

    They’ll mostly vote for him again, based on shared values, but some of his star powers have faded.

    I agree that’s probably how it will play out. Obama did however, campaign as a fiscal conservative, promising to slash deficits, and cut spending with “pay as we go” economic policy. He made a point of this fiscal conservatism in the debates and on the campaign trail. Some portion of his voters, perhaps 10%, included fiscally conservative Democrats and Independents who can now see that Obama governed very differently than what he promised. It will be interesting to see what those voters do this election.

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  5. Section8

    Our first white-African president has been so-so, I don’t think he’s the worst or the best. The thing is it’s just fun to watch the policies he has continued or even expanded, which were once the root of all evil, now get a shrug of the shoulders from the outraged just a few years back.

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  6. Mississippi Yankee

    The Trifecta guys must be psychically linked to you.

    President Obama has rebranded the millennial generation to “Gen44” after himself. Obama announced the creation of Gen44, a youth organization devoted to the reelection of President Obama. Are young voters suckers, or will they reject Obama’s egomaniacal youth movement?

    Gen44: The Stunning Narcissism of President Obama

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