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Looks like the house voted on the Bowles-Simpson deficit reduction plan, and went down in flames.

The Bowles-Simpson deficit-reduction plan went down to a crushing defeat in the House late Wednesday night in a vote that damages the one bipartisan proposal that just a few months ago had seemed like a possible solution to the country’s debt woes.

The 382-38 defeat, with just 16 Republicans and 22 Democrats voting for it, marks a bad end to what began nearly two years ago, when President Obama tapped former White House Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles, a Democrat, and former Sen. Alan Simpson, a Republican, to lead a deficit-reduction committee.

Their report has popped up in every deficit discussion since then, but had never gotten a vote in either chamber until this week, when opponents prevailed.

“This doesn’t go big. This doesn’t tackle the problem. This doesn’t do the big things,” said Rep. Paul D. Ryan, Wisconsin Republican and chairman of the Budget Committee. “You can never get the debt under control if you don’t deal with our health care entitlement programs.”

I am with Ryan on this. It was a gimmick, and an obvious one at that, anyway. Not enough cuts, and then decades from now, which means never, and more of the insane jacked up deficit spending for the foreseeable future. Color me unconcerned. There is array of hope though.

The debate came as the House worked its way through its fiscal year 2013 budget plan, which Mr. Ryan wrote.
The Bowles-Simpson plan was offered as an alternative on the chamber floor.

Minutes earlier, the House also defeated Mr. Obama’s own budget, submitted last month, on a 414-0 vote arranged by Republicans to embarrass the president and officially shelve his plan.

Glad to see that go down in flames, and then unanimously. Then again, even if it had passed, Harry Reid, who has made sure the Senate would not produce any budget document that then could be used to show how insane the spending of the last 3 years under the democrats has been, by preventing a bill from being passed for just as long, would have just ignored it anyway. No big loss I guess. However, it seems there was an alternative.

The House also defeated an alternative offered by the Congressional Black Caucus that would have included $4 trillion in additional tax increases on top of those Mr. Obama proposed, and used that money to boost spending on domestic programs. That plan was killed 314-107.

And it went down in flames too. More people, I bet mostly democrats, voted for it than the Obama disaster of a bill, and then, I bet, because it was more spending and more taxes. We are so screwed.

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  1. Hal_10000

    Simpson-Bowles is still the most serious proposal out there. Its changes to entitlements will pay off in trillions, not the millions the GOP wants to get by cutting NPR. And it includes tax reform. The current GOP proposal preserves all Medicare/SS spending and increases defense spending. It doesn’t balance the budget for over a decade (deficits would actually increase for a while) and then relies on Congress basically cutting all discretionary spending.

    It’s not a serious proposal.

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  2. AlexInCT *

    Simpson-Bowles is still the most serious proposal out there. Its changes to entitlements will pay off in trillions, not the millions the GOP wants to get by cutting NPR.

    Hal, these changes are all 10 years from now, when some other politicians are around to pay that cost, while the insane and out of control spending we have now continues unabated, so the politicians can win a nice election based on the freebees they are handing out, and hence meaningless. Seriously, they will never happen later, and that’s a historical fact. Promises of cuts after you are long out of office are about as valuable as promising the slut you will respect her in the morning so you can bang her.

    It’s not about NPR either, although I for one would love to see government stop funding organizations that solely serve to promote the agenda of one political party or another. This is about cutting spending now, with the current crop of politicians taking both the credit and fall out for that move. This bill was smoke & mirrors. Intended to fool people into thinking these crooks where being responsible when there was nothing of the sort going on.

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  3. Mississippi Yankee

    Simpson-Bowles would have: raised taxes by $1.2 trillion–bumping to 21% the tax share of GDP from the typical 18%; relied largely on defense cuts to reduce spending; retained all $2.5 trillion in ObamaCare spending and done nothing to reform Medicare and Medicaid.

    No wonder Luke Russert loved it.

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