Washington Post Obamacare poll is rigged!

The Washington Post is running a poll on how the SCOTUS should rule on Obamacare, and I went there to vote. The question was:

This week, the view guide to hearings), we take the case to you. Tell us if you agree with the individual mandate by voting below, then explaining your view in the comments.

I voted “No!”

This is what the poll then told me:

You voted “Yes” to the question “Is the law’s health insurance requirement constitutional?”

Sure, whatever….

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  1. InsipiD

    I love how the left’s playbook for the last few years has been to declare anything they don’t like “unconstitutional,” whether it is or not. Now when faced with something that actually is, they don’t want it viewed with that magnifying glass.

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  2. AlexInCT *

    Hahahahaha! How clever they are, them riggers…

    Careful there Kimpost. All it takes is one person to imply you really meant to say some other word than the one you did, and you will forever be tarnished. Then again, you might be able to pull out your liberal creds to try and block the accusation/attack, but the risk is not worth that. :)

    What a sad world we have come to live in huh?

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  3. hist_ed

    Now the page says

    Note: Because of a technical glitch, comments on this page originally were not appearing in the “No” column. They have been restored to the proper category. Voting tallies were not impacted.

    Interesting that 95% are no votes (yeah yeah, not a scientific polling method etc.)

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