Farcical And Unbalanced

Memo to HBO (cc to Bill Maher productions) ,”We know about your hard on for Fox News (And with Maher, that is literal since he has an 8×10 glossy of Bill Hemmer in his dressing room), and although imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, don’t try to be fair and balanced yourself, it always comes off looking like a hussle, and like trying to teach a pig to sing, you look silly in the process”.

Little Pelosi and the big nose dick tried to venture into uncharted waters, the Sea of Objectivity, I guess for a laugh, but as usual, most of the laughs were the the right’s expense:

Alexandra Pelosi debuted a video she made for HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” last night. The video shows multiple welfare recipients in New York City proclaiming they were at the welfare office to get their “Obama bucks” and that they supported Obama because he “gives me stuff.” Pelosi reported that people at the HBO headquarters in New York had said to her “you can’t show this” even though just last week the ran a controversial video showing Mississippi voters saying inflammatory things against the president.

But even in the shallow end of the pool, Bill and the little Pelosi just could not help themselves. Notice that Bill accused all of Mississippi of being like these people, “This was organic, you did not edit out just the people that looked like that, everyone you interviewed looked like that”. Sure Bill, no educated, articulate, clean, non racist people at all in Miss., sure.

But they did show the other side, how noble, with the oh so predictable ,”This is apples and oranges”. But while patting themselves on the back it did not take long to make the welfare/defense spending equivalence (I think her numbers need checking), like those rednecks that are causing us to spend so much on defense.

We get the, “It’s so ridiculous because you and I are not racist”, we are liberals, liberals can’t be racist, Q.E.D.. And ,”But the black legacy is more real”, we can redeem the blacks, but those rednecks, forget it, too despicable to even bother. How funny that Maher thinks his donation to the cause should translate into the second coming of MLK, no Bill, it just tells us that you know what side your bread is buttered on, nothing more. How about spending another cool one million on helping the rednecks get teeth, like you said you wanted to do, or was this more smoke up the audience’s ass?

And no, the heads over at Fox news are not exploding, but there are some giggles and chuckles going on. You guys keep with this cutting news reporting with the man on the street stuff. How about another Howard Stern type piece where we see those intelligent liberals getting their facts straight?

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  1. Mississippi Yankee

    If Mzzz Peloi jr. can be believed there are no women in Mississippi, three black men and very few dentist. And no ‘gubmint cheese’

    In NYC there is but one white man, only one woman who is mostly white and very good dentist. With entirely too much Obama Bucks.

    Oh and the fact Bill Maher DOES NOT like being up-staged.

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  2. InsipiD

    The basic gist of Maher’s detestable remarks to this video seemed to be “our idiots are better than their idiots.” He still couldn’t help defending the liberal northerners over the “conservative” southerners. He’s a big part of the move to clearly redefine conservatism to include racism that it doesn’t include.

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