You’re Going to Jail

I’m not the biggest of fan of John Stossel’s routine. But this is pretty devastating. It’s long, so I put it up as a weekend video when you have time.

The most interesting part, to me, is when Stossel brings the hookers in to talk to prosecutor and serial shit-maker-upper Wendy Murphy. The fascination on her face when she meets these women is priceless.

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  1. Poosh

    I caught most of this show when it was aired. I love Stossel, he defo has made some interesting points which make me rethink positions.

    And good on him for constantly trying to play devil’s advocate and, you know, be a real journalist by always putting the different sides to the story (though he always makes sure the viewers understand that he himself has a position and is not neutral).

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  2. Section8

    Disturbing video over all. I used to listen to events that would go down in other countries and think man I’m glad I don’t live there. Now you hear more and more of people being harassed by government officials who hold positions you have not voting power over, and seem to be given free reign to do whatever. It’s down right scary. If it was far and few between and wasn’t increasing in scope, I’d blow it off since no world is perfect, but it’s clear this shit is getting worse. I wonder how long it will be until people start leaving in droves, not because there’s some land of milk and honey out there, but just out of fear of living here.

    As for the prostitute thing, it was funny to see her say she would save or rescue the Bunny Ranch girls, only to say a few minutes later she’d like to take away their freedom to help others. So much for the good nature motivation of wanting to rescue those girls.

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  3. Kimpost

    A very worthy subject. The Taxi Medallion thing makes me want to shoot people. I’d accept demanding a mandatory taxi licence for say $100-200 a year, coupled with an approved meter, but that’s where it should stop.

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  4. Poosh

    One thing you have to appreciate – all these cretin crying about Fox News being bias and in favour of the right – much of that claim is dubious as many of the presenters will openly tell you they are conservatives, and the viewer is under no disillusion – but granting that Fox News in its regular news broadcasting is bias: WHY IS A CONSERVATIVE NEWS NETWORK BROADCASTING A 45 MINUTE SHOW SAYING WE SHOULD LEGALISE DRUGS?

    …because it’s not half as bias as liberal liars claim.

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