Occupying Her Hoo Ha

What a great time for a guy to be going to college. All this sex talk permeating the air, all these assertive women demanding their privacy wrt their sex lives, all the while throwing it in all of our faces. All this ,”I demand to have sex on your dime” talk, it’s reminiscent of that bra burning phase they went through years ago. It’s to the point now where even chaste women don’t want to be left behind, don’t want to let down all her sisters in this fight, and if getting on her back is necessary to take one for the team, so be it.

Forget about the commie professors, the exorbitant tuition, the useless degrees, and a lifetime of paying off student loans (another reason for the “I’m owed” generation to vote for Obama), here is what college life has to offer:

Yes, you would, don’t lie.

Now I know that this is a parody, and you know that this is a parody, but you can bet that many college age brain dead liberal types will say ,”You go, girl”, with fist striking the air, they will all chant in unison that they will not continence this war on women anymore.

But for the males of the species, they could not have written a better script. I remember that first date I had with my wife, not only did she pick the restaurant, she drove and picked up the check. The fact that we drank the same brands, she liked sports, was on the right side of the political spectrum, and made twice what I made, were all bonuses. Having a woman take charge is nice, let her jump your bones instead of the other way around. These college guys are not going to have any time to study.

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