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The WSJ has an interesting article about the current job claims puzzle:

Something about the U.S. economy isn’t adding up.

At 8.3%, the unemployment rate has fallen 0.7 percentage point from a year earlier and is down 1.7 percentage points from a peak of 10% in October 2009. Many other measures of the job market are improving. Companies have expanded payrolls by more than 200,000 a month for the past three months, according to Labor Department data. And the number of people filing claims for government unemployment benefits has fallen.

Yet the economy is barely growing. Many economists in the past few weeks have again reduced their estimates of growth. The economy …

Exactly! I keep hearing things are getting better, and fast. Only, whenever you get real data, that claim seems not only ludicrous exaggeration, but impossible. Time after time we get told by the LSM how everything is golden or just about to go gold, but then the real details come out and it looks like a turd. I wonder what could be going on?

That was sarcasm for the lefties that know damn well what is going on. No wonder they are all more interested in pretending people that do not like the idea of government mandating yet another bullshit program that will cost the people that do not make the dumb choices or ignore responsibility are actually women haters. The job market is only getting better in what passes for news from the LSM, and that’s because they have to tell this lie in this election year.

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  1. Mississippi Yankee

    The positive job numbers certainly don’t jibe with the facts on the ground both here and in Massachusetts.

    As an example, Raytheon is gearing up for another round of layoffs nation-wide. Although they’re increasing their manufacturing capacity in Ireland. The plants in So-Cal are dropping off fast tho.

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