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Getting kicked right in the face by your own knee jerk, welcome to that risk portion of capitalism. An ex Rush Limbaugh advertiser has had a come to Jesus moment and wants Rush back, but Elvis has already left the building, another pitfall from bowing to one group of consumers, another group (who also votes with their wallets) may not approve:

Today, The Rush Limbaugh Show rejected an overture from Sleep Train President Dale Carlsen to restart its advertising on the show, a week after Sleep Train pulled its advertising

That mattress just got a bit lumpy.

Not to re hash this whole episode (Rush erred in his choice of pejoratives, he realized his mistake later and apologized, that should be the end of it) but I am surprised at this obvious mistake he made, maybe he should untie that other half of his brain. Clearly this woman deserves every bit of derision she is getting, she is a bum, and if Limbaugh attacked her on those terms, he would have avoided the dog house. But he feminized it, using a word that targets women specifically, that was his mistake. Not only is she a bum (begging for money to pursue her recreational activities, something btw that she could easily afford herself) but she was a liar as well, inflating numbers that were inaccurate.

I realize that the left is getting all giddy, thinking they can bring down the icon, they have been trying (and failing) for 20 years. Although, his amateurism is not spotting this self layed bear trap (and that whole “provide us with a sex tape” thing) tells me that his is slipping, getting old, and not quite as sharp as in the past, it happens.

But the left now has a new poster girl. Funny, that a struggling law school student, unable to afford her contraception, now has time to galavant across the nation, appearing on MSM shows, megaphone in hand. Fine, you want to enter the arena, you better “Spartacus” up, carrying Obama’s water comes with a price tag.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    Rush realizes that all publicity is good publicity in his situation.

    His followers don’t give a crap about any public wailing – they just see it as confirmation that he’s right.

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