Kucinich Out

One thing missed last night in Ohio. The redistricting from the last census had one glorious effect: setting up a primary cage match between Dennis Kucinnich and Marcy Kaptur. Two veteran Democrats go in, one comes out. Well … Kucinich isn’t the one who came out. I’m not completely fond of Kaptur, who boasted about pork and is opposed to free trade. And I have a feeling she’ll easily beat Joe the Plumber in November (seriously; he’s the nominee).

But a Kucinich-less Congress is a good thing, even if it means a drop in the median Congressional spouse hotness index.

Update: Also out is Jean Schmidt. I am totally not sorry to see the end of her career. I don’t know much about Wenstrup, but he’s got to be an improvement.

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  1. Nexus

    I drive by Jean Schmidt’s farm every day. Trust me, she won’t be hurting.
    She pissed off more than a few around here by smooching Obama before the SOTU address.

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  2. Seattle Outcast

    I always considered Kucinich to be something of a nutjob – every time he spoke I found another reason to despise him.

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