A sure sign that the economy and life in general is not as bad as portrayed is the simple fact that people still find the time to complain about silly TV commercials. For my own self, and as a consumer, I understand the profit motive, the pull for my disposable income, the hook needed for my eyeballs. Capitalism is a cut throat business, a process whereby a Clausewitz style approach is adopted, total war on the competition, or you get crushed and go crawling back home to mommy.

An ad is successful if it can keep your attention for it’s duration, it hits a home run when the consumer decides right on the spot, “I want that, and I will buy it”

Take a look at the new Carl’s Jr. ad for its Southwest patty melt (it’s Monday morning, time to get the heart started):

Very clever, a 50’s style theme with a classic convertible, a drive in, a hot summer’s day, and frilly undergarments for effect. But here is my confession, I was looking at that sandwich almost as much as I was looking at Kate.

You will remember that it was the same Carl’s JR. that embarrassed itself with that ad featuring Paris Hilton, lesson learned here. Instead of giving us some has been tramp (What, Lindsey was still in rehab?), damaged goods and oh so yesterday’s news, we get someone fresh, new, unspoiled (for now) and an All American girl.

But back to that sandwich. This would fit right in with that junk food post I wrote last month, a “Heart Attack Grill” style patty melt, start my CRESTOR prescription.

Another benefit of ads like this, how about Carl’s JR. opens up some fast food joints in Iran and peppers the air waves with this ad. All those Muslim males that would gouge out their eyes with a fork when gazing at an uncovered female ankle, they would now get a taste of Western Culture, see what they have been missing, and run those Mullahs out on a rail. No more sanctions needed, problem solved.

Commercials are usually wasted on me (how much money would you donate to never ever see another GEICO commercial again?) and I don’t think I have ever been to a Carl’s JR joint, but I will try this sandwich.

Any commercials out there, past or present, ever got you to make a decision on the spot to try their product?

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  1. Kimpost

    But here is my confession, I was looking at that sandwich almost as much as I was looking at Kate.

    Kate, who? That sandwich/burger looked good!

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  2. davidst

    The economy took a dive and has been maintaining for a couple of years. People are getting used to it. Wait until we take the next dive and we’ll see who is still complaining about silly commercials (which will still be with us). There will still be some.

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  3. AlexInCT

    If you want your computer to explode, try Googling her.

    Just your computer?

    And as Beavis & Butthead would say: “huh huh huh, you said explode”

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  4. Seattle Outcast

    But here is my confession, I was looking at that sandwich almost as much as I was looking at Kate.

    I’m pretty sure I was looking at the sandwich more. Blondes aren’t really my thing, even with great tits.

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  5. Mississippi Yankee

    A much abbreviated copy is now running here in Mississippi (as a Hardeeā„¢ commercial). But then again this is the ‘golden buckle of the bible belt’.

    As to Kate Upton, her SI cover shot makes her boobs, especially her left one, look like floppy ole pillows. Am I the last man in America the prefers taunt firm titties?

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  6. Section8

    Fuck Carl’s Jr until they bring back the Roast Beef deluxe. I loved than thing. It was around about 20 years ago, then they stopped selling it. Maybe it’s back, I don’t know, they don’t have Carl’s where I moved to, but anyhow.

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