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We have talked here before about that whole redistribution of wealth fallacy, the politics of envy, the ever more increasing occurrences of people surrendering their shot at the American dream, and the proposed larceny that the OWS crowd peddles, all in the guise of fairness (as if stealing from someone more enterprising and industrious and giving it to someone more lazy or ordinary qualifies as fair).

I found an interesting video the other day titled Capitalism vs. Socialism, but what was absolutely priceless was that this young Marxist (disaffected youth, you gotta love ‘em) managed to get every single nonsensical talking point and failed polices into his schtick, all the while thinking that he was on to something, take a look:

A few bullet points:

Prysner mentions several times ,”Big capitalists stealing from the working families who produced the wealth”, is he talking about taxes being too high? Doubtful, no, he is spreading the nonsense that the pie (or each American’s piece of it) is finite, that if one person has a big piece, that translates that some other person will get shorted into a smaller piece. He has not figured out that wealth is created and the size of the pie can be expanded or created at will.

He brings up foreclosures with ,”Working families had their houses stolen from them”, what a load of puke. Nobody put a gun to their heads and made them sign that contract, it was their avarice and greed that pushed them into purchasing homes they could not afford. And with many just walking away (no money down, and no equity lost, they are unharmed) but the banks now have properties worth have their value, so now they are the bad guys.

And it would not be a left/right debate without the specter of racism injected. How tiring and how so unoriginal.

Notice he mentions ,”The criminal wars for profit”, gee it would have been great if we did profit from the Iraq and Afghan wars. Grabbing some Iraqi oil, or some Afghan poppy fields for compensation, now there would have been some astute war planning. Sadly though we spent trillions (not compensated for) and lost thousands of lives, and the pay out, if there even is one, will be realized in the future, not holding my breath.

One positive that I got from this video was that I never heard of Wayne Root before. I’ve written posts before about the hazards of multiple political parties, but I was impressed by Mr. Root, his capitalist/profit motive bonefides and hope he stays active in politics. Much like all the Santorum momentum of late (He will NOT win the nomination, no how/no way) where real conservatives are showing the eventual nominee (Romney) that they matter and will not be ignored, I want Libertarians to make a lot of noise and become relevant in the debate. The causes of smaller government and less governmental molestation in our private lives can never be over championed.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    As they pointed out in an episode of “The Boondocks”, how can the price of oil be going up since we invaded Iraq? It would be like invading Sweden and suddenly running out of hot blonde women.

    Of course, since we did invade Iraq, we SHOULD have plundered them for oil like crazy and drained them fucking dry for a pittance, and then renamed the whole place “New Texaco”…..

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  2. bgeek

    Of course, since we did invade Iraq, we SHOULD have plundered them for oil like crazy and drained them fucking dry for a pittance, and then renamed the whole place “New Texaco”…..

    Might as well, we’re blamed for it anyway.

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  3. Poosh

    I’ve never really understood the stupidity of the “hoarding” argument. Even if the rich do actually “hoard” it just goes into the bank anyway, though quite frankly, I applaud anyone who manages to legally siphon off his/her money abroad.

    Even the most annoying rich who spend millions on luxuries and crap are still .. stimulating the economy. They transfer money to, often, a group of people with specific talents that can cater for the rich. Yacht building for example.

    The true cruelty of capitalism – which actually applies to any socialist country, look at any government worker – is that one has to the best part of 5/7 days a week working and not enjoying their self, or being happy (only a fraction actually like their job). I think that is a cruelty, but the alternatives are all far worse: BUT there is a very clear trade-off. Most of us work dreggy hours each day, and would rather be elsewhere – hour after hour – it’s pretty inhuman, shall we say. Many work for a company etc and we work making or selling a product and the owners are far richer than us, making a large profit off the “surplus” of our labour, if you will .

    But the trade-off is that when MOST of us are doing this, in a capitalist system, we find a LARGE number of products, objects (often sources of pleasure) being available to us, often at little cost. All these products are so readily available and cheap BECAUSE most of us are doing these tedious jobs. Capitalism is a human jigsaw where all the pieces fit.

    Anyway, people always accuse one of being greedy, merely because one wants to accumulate wealth – yet MOST people never ask the fundamental question: WHY do you want to accumulate wealth? Greed is rarely the answer when you study motives.

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