Rigged poll fails, but LSM still sneaks in the left’s the talking points.

Talk about your bullshit polls. Not only do they not give you the details to take a look at, they talk circles around the most obvious finding: people want government to cut spending.

I am always dubious of ANY poll that doesn’t let me see the details. Who did they poll, when, what was the exact question asked, and how was it asked are all critical in understanding if your poll’s results should be trusted. Things like this:

The AP-GfK poll was conducted by GfK Roper Public Affairs and Corporate Communications and involved cell phone and landline interviews with 1,000 randomly chosen adults. It has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 4.1 percentage points.

are a dead giveaway that this poll was purposefully as ambiguous as possible so they could get the result they wanted. And that result is that a lot of people LOVE Obama’s idea that people making lots of money should be shaken down by big government under the pretense that this is being done out of some “social justice” prerogative.

Unfortunately for them, even their rigged and totally worthless poll left them no wiggle room to ignore the fact people want government spending cut, that this is advantageous for the political party that advocates for cuts – lets see if they do that though – and not for even more growth, and that the class warfare shit doesn’t have as much pull as they would like it to.

Queue this dumb article where they pretend that while even the rigged sample of people they portend to have talked to clearly torpedoed their biased poll by pointing out they want cuts, what is really important is that everyone agrees with Obama that rich people need to be fleeced!

Class warfare sucks. It’s nothing but the greedy and envious people, using the lamest of excuses to screw those people that actually do the work that keeps our economy alive and prevents us all from slipping into the prolonged periods of abject misery and poverty that are mankind’s normal condition, giving the losers a venue to condemn theft and feel good about it.

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  1. Kimpost

    Talk about your bullshit polls. Not only do they not give you the details to take a look at, they talk circles around the most obvious finding: people want government to cut spending.

    Talk circles around…? The headline of the story reads: “Poll: Millionaire tax popular, spending cuts too”

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  2. Seattle Outcast

    How about a tax on the 49.5% that don’t pay a fucking penny? Just thirty years ago it was less than 15% of the public that paid not income taxes – at this rate it will be 75% in just a decade or two.

    You can’t run a society in which successful people are reduced to nothing more than evil thieves that must be separated from their ill-gotten wealth so that the majority can have their “entitlements”…

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  3. davidst

    The bottom 50% make an average of 30 grand a year. They largely don’t pay federal income taxes, but they are still paying plenty of state and local taxes. I wonder if state and local taxes haven’t squeezed federal taxes out of the picture for the bottom 50% as state and local governments have grown greatly in the last several decades. That money has to come from somewhere and state and local taxes tend to be regressive, which means the federal income tax needs to be progressive to balance things out.

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  4. balthazar

    Actually you are wrong david, a lot of states have earned income tax credits as well. so they can and do end up getting the vast majority of thier state tax back as well. Most states have a graduated scale as well so they people in that tax bracket pay a miniscule amount as a % as well.

    You are flat out wrong….again.

    Holy fuck, it took 2 seconds to find a table with all the state income rates, and gee, most of them ARE graduated, GFY you KOS troll.


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  5. balthazar

    Except that the things they spend the most of their money on have NO SALES TAX in most states. Food and clothing in particular.

    But when your on Public assistance and buying a brand new car(because all your food, cell phone, and housing are paid for by the government) then I guess you would pay some sales tax.

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  6. davidst

    Yes I’m sure the ENTIRE bottom 50% has all their food, phone and housing paid for by the government. And I’m sure it’s the same 50% every year.

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