Republicans, debates, and the LSM.

Last night there was a republican debate. Let me admit I didn’t bother to watch it. That’s because I knew CNN was moderating this, and I suspected that they would be far more interested in asking bullshit questions that have nothing to do with the abysmal job Obama and the democrats have been doing. I was nit disappointed. The bulk of the questions were idiotic ones that fire up the left and will allow the talking dickheads at CNN to spend hours demonizing conservatives while making idiotic contradictory statements. “Conservatives want to institute a theocracy! Conservatives want to do away with government of any kind and institute chaos! Conservatives want force women back into the kitchen where they are to remain barefoot and pregnant! Conservatives want to deny women birth control to prevent people from having sex! Conservatives want to throw grandma from a cliff! Conservatives are racist, homophobe, religious fanatics!“ Blah, blah, blah. Do you ever see democrat candidates subjected to this level of stupidity by the LSM, ever?

I was not disappointed when I looked at transcripts or commentary about the debate. This bullshit CYA for Obama tactic is exactly what the CNN debate was all about. Important questions conservatives care about? Not a chance. A few, like the Iranian nuclear problem, got short shrift. Even more important ones like Obama’s energy policies and the direct resulting rises in the price of gas, or the disastrous impact of Obamanomics on our economy? Not a chance! Forget about Obamacare and how it will unravel our economy. Not a single serious question that conservatives, especially fiscal conservatives, would care to know about, because anytime one of these is asked it puts the massive failure of the last 3 years in contrast. The class warfare nonsense and how damaging it is? Forget that too. All you got was the tripe you always hear from the left when they know they have no real substantive and positive results to stand on, but hope to fool the idiots with the attention span of ADHD kids hopped up on meth, with stupid scare tactics.

The republican candidates that keep letting the LSM set these things up and game the questions, played right into the hands of the left too. Sure, Newt finally got tired and went after the stupid questions, but it was still way too little too late. Seriously, republicans should just avoid the LSM completely. Do not give them a chance to rig these debates like they have to avoid the real issues and turn these debates into Obama campaign supporting events. I do not think there is much to lose by republicans simply saying that they do not feel compelled to help the LSM rig their primaries and help democrats whose policies have wrecked our economy and promise to bankrupt the nation, and that they are done with the LSM. The left will do its campaigning for democrats either way. Lets not make it this easy for them.

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