Callin’ Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton! Money to be made..

I call racims!

There is also some structural damage to the restaurant, which is located at 6701 Martin Luther King Jr. Highway, at the intersection of Sheriff Road. A collapse team was dispatched to stabilize the building and board up the restauarant’s windows, which had shattered.

A fried chicken joint on MLK Highway is insensitve! Especially when you have a Sherrif – a.k.a “Da Man” – involved too. Some white people have to be to blame and someone needs to pay for this offense.

I am joking of course, and no doubt some will probably think this is in poor taste and insensitve on my part since someone did die, but I am surprised someone making a living from this nonsense hasn’t tried to shake down this KFC. Maybe it is black owned or nobody has made the connection yet.

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  1. sahrab

    I know where this crash occurred, and its rough. The area is one where anyone not from the area would be afraid to walk around in (probably why the driver was driving 100mph).

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  2. Mississippi Yankee

    Is there a Martin Luther King Jr street, avenue or highway that isn’t located in a rough part of town.

    I’ve traveled to a lot of cities and towns in the USA and I’ve never seen a Martin Luther King Jr street, avenue or highway that was safe after dark. Or clean either for that matter.

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  3. hist_ed

    Is there a Martin Luther King Jr street, avenue or highway that isn’t located in a rough part of town.

    A few years ago King County in Washington decided to change who it was named after. The was some old Washingtonian named King, 19th century racist apparently, but the powers that be decided that we woulnd now be named after the more famous King. Does the MLK street curse also apply to counties?

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  4. Mississippi Yankee

    There is a MLK blvd in Houma LA (a city of 50 to 100k). It’s in the better half of town and all the new things are built there.

    Actually I’ve been there and it is in in a pretty nice neighborhood of sorts. Business district if my memory serves.
    Of course Houma being that far into Cajun country it only mildly shocked me. Coon-asses tend to sort themselves out quite well.

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  5. davidst

    Yeah, Cajuns are very nice people across the board. Still, the demographics are 65% white, 25% black. If there was an MLK on the east side of the Intercoastal Waterway, I’m sure it would follow the usual pattern. Everything is older over there, so naturally poor people move in and it gets worse instead of better. Not to mention there are tons of undocumented Mexicans living on that side as well since Katrina initiated a (re)construction boom in 2005. 2010 census says there are only 2000 Latinos living there… there’s got to be at least twice that many.

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  6. Mississippi Yankee

    Still, the demographics are 65% white, 25% black.

    Yeah, that’s just a little misleading figure from my experience. Although I’m sure it’s the official census tally.

    Being ‘white’ south of I-10 certainly isn’t the same as ‘being white’ in Kansas. The diversity of blood (Spanish, French, African and American Indian) is incredibly complex amongst Cajuns. And the farther south the more convoluted it gets. Not to mention all the blue eyed black girls that go back almost two centuries.
    Damn I miss Louisiana!

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