I hope he eats lots of their livers with fava beans!

You have to have been living under a rock, if you did not hear Hannibal Lecter’s famous line from the movie “Silence of the Lambs”. about eating some census worker that pissed him off’s liver with some fava beans and a fine Chianti. Lecter has been one of my favorite villains of all times, not just because he didn’t let some government asshole push him around and got even with em, but because Anthony Hopkins made him so freaking scary. Well, it looks like Lecter now is coming to a TV series near you.

We were always bullish on this one. Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal project just got a direct-to-series order. NBC has picked up 13 episodes of the thriller TV series based on Thomas Harris’ classic cannibal serial killer.

Logline: “One-hour contemporary thriller series featuring the classic characters from Thomas Harris’ novel Red Dragon – FBI agent Will Graham and his mentor Dr. Hannibal Lecter – who are re-introduced at the beginning of their budding relationship.”

Personally I hope that in addition to some census worker, he eats someone from the DMV, someone working in the welfare office, and Al Franken. That would probably kill him from all the pollutants these people will introduce to his syetem, but it would be fun to watch him do that.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    Wasn’t one of the personality traits that when he killed someone he thought of it as a public service as he was getting rid of a complete asshole who really, really had it coming?

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  2. InsipiD

    Hopkins was brilliant in the first one, but I fear they’re exhausting a character that earned some notoriety and diluting the excellent original movie in the process. The clip of him feeding Ray Liotta part of his own brain was pretty sweet, though.

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  3. balthazar

    Or it could be that he was a bore to watch and got shitty ratings. It really had nothing todo with the topic he presented, just HOW he was unable to actually make his show in any way interesting. It was like a lecture, lectures suck ass.

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  4. Kimpost

    I like the judge. And I kind of liked the show, mostly. Especially when he had guests on with whom he disagreed. The segments where they were all in agreement were often a bit boring. As were the 3-5 minute monologues he had.

    I think a show like Freedom Watch should run somewhere. I say tweak it and try again.

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  5. davidst

    The wikipedia page says the ratings were down. In this day and age, that is certainly enough to can a show. You might ask why the ratings were down though. They moved his show from 10 am to 8 pm (direct competition with Bill O’Reilly among others). Prior to that, it was supposedly the top rated show on Fox Business. At ran for about 6 months in the morning, then a year at night. *shrug*

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