Whitney Houston

I wasn’t a fan. But I will remember one great moment, ten days into the first Gulf War:

In 1991, I was in college, watching the Super Bowl with a bunch of people who could be irritating about politics in that way that only liberal-ideology-addled freshman college students can be. But when she sang, the room fell silent. And I’m sure several went to student health the next day, wondering why they felt such weird feelings of patriotism.

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  1. Section8

    Sad to see this happen. Yeah, many celebs might be self-absorbed, spoiled, and party it up, but there is clearly a dark side when despite all the attention, some of them cash out alone, in a hotel room. We’ve seen this happen several times now.

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  2. Kimpost

    I never was a fan (not my genre), but I remember when she became a star in the 80’s. She was a model who could actually sing. Her voice and talent never was in question, which is something that I couldn’t say about her competition during that era. She had genuine talent in a world of plastic.

    Like many I thought she was going to die a decade ago, but then I saw that she appeared to get herself together a couple of years ago, and I was kind of happy for the girl. But apparently it was only temporary. Sad…

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