Jihad is for SUCKERS!

That is the only conclusion I can make from Osama bin Laden’s advice to his nearest relatives. The man who has been the poster recruited for the death cultist told his relatives the following:

Osama Bin Laden told his children to live peacefully in the West where they would get a good education, his brother-in-law has revealed. Zakaria al-Sadah, whose sister is the fifth wife of the Al-Qaeda leader, said Bin Laden did not want his children and grandchildren following in the same path of terrorism like him. ‘He told his own children and grandchildren, go to Europe and America and get a good education,’ according to an interview with Sadah in The Sunday Times.

WTF? Go to evil Europe and America and get an education and avoid Jihad? Seriously? Well yeah, seriously. I am not surprised by bin Laden’s advice. One of the first things I asked when the whole concept of terrorism & the use of death by a lunatic that commits suicide in the process was explained to me, was to ask why the leaders of this movement never where the ones doing the dying, but stupid impressionable kids did. People like Osama are quick to tell people they do not care about all that nonsense they use to sell jihad, but they are never going to put their own kids in harms way. For them, well the men folk amongst his children, I guess, bin Laden wanted exactly the things the death cultists found so objectionable about the west: education and opportunity. I guess like communism, Islamism is full of stupidity and contradictions.

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  1. TxAg94

    Reminds me of any ruin of the mill politician. The first example that comes to mind, though I admit they are hardly equivalent, is when we’re told crappy public schools are just fine for our kids but all the people telling us that send their kids to private schools.

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  2. Hal_10000

    If you read “The Looming Tower”, this is unsurprising. bin Laden was against educating women but he married educated women, including one with a doctorate. He liked to quiz his girls on math and reading. And he liked to play video games with his sons. He couldn’t live the shit life he was peddling. None of them can. It’s only the masses who are supposed to live under sharia. Their fight against Western moral corruption is pissing in the wind. In the end, everyone wants their MTV.

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  3. Poosh

    You make the assumption that rationality and consistency holds a high place within these people’s minds. The Prophet of Islam is notorious for making rules up for himself and demanding others follow different rules (9 wives lol). You are assuming that Logic and Rationality are held in high esteem by these folks, which is a mistake.

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  4. Poosh

    I was skeptical of Fast and Furious: Obama’s Innocent Mexican Fury was an accident, without the intention of shaping opinion, etc, on gun ownership.

    But then Bill Whittle convinced me I had underestimated what this white house would do.

    Just as many conservatives across the globe underestimated Obama when he was elected. To our horror. How wrong we were.

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  5. AlexInCT *

    Except the leadership of Iran. They really mean it.

    They might not really believe any of it but it sure provides them with a convenient sword to wield just like in the case of bin Laden. Just because bin Laden didn’t want this for his own people doesn’t mean that he was dangerous as hell either. If anything 9-11 and all that followed should prove that.

    The point is that assuming all these guys are harmless or can be reasoned with just because we find out that bin Laden counseled his own to not pursue Jihad when he was not content sending millions to die for the very cause he worked hard to dissuade his own from following, is stupid. I would not be surprised the same, or some variation of this, applies to the leadership of Iran. The problem we have is that they, the leadership in Iran, have nothing to fear from us. For all our military and economic power in the west I believe that they are right to believe that we lack the balls to use it in earnest to stop them before it gets out of hand. Look at Iraq and Afghanistan and the media coverage for a clue of why we can’t fight in earnest. The Iranian leadership does not suffer from this indecision nor an insane need to be liked, and they prefer instead to be feared, with good reason. Couple that with the stupid belief that they can keep themselves out of harms way, and you have no good outcome to this thing.

    Pretending they are harmless because they might not have a death wish is idiotic. History is full of examples of people that didn’t have a death wish dragging millions to their death anyway.

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