“Good Dog”

A feel good story, made even better. Yesterday I saw footage of that dog rescue in the ice covered waters of a Denver river. Anything that gets those fire guys out of the station and away from Opray is a OK by me. And like all new celebrates , the dog got to make the talk show rounds. But even a half frozen canine knows a stinking liberal when he sees one, ummmm, tastes like chicken:

It was supposed to be one of those feel-good segments on a local television newscast: A rescued dog. A grateful owner. The hero firefighter who pulled the pulled the dog from the ice. But that’s not how it turned out.

The dog, an Argentine mastiff named Gladiator Maximus, attacked Kyle Dyer, anchorwoman at NBC’s KUSA Denver affiliate, during a live, in-studio segment on Wednesday that was meant to celebrate the dog’s rescue from an icy lake the day before.

Here ya go:

What a stupid woman. You can tell she has never been around dogs, the growling and the baring of teeth are both clues to back off, but she still wants hugs and kisses.

And we get to witness even more liberal jackassery, instead of putting the blame on the anchor woman (putting your face within biting distance) the owner gets cited for a leash law violation:

“Basically, she did everything wrong,” Ron Berman, a canine behavior specialist, said. “She went up to a dog she didn’t know–who didn’t know her–and she either tried to kiss him or hug him or put her face too close to his face. He felt threatened and bit her.”


Although the article said she had to have facial reconstruction surgery (to me that looked more like a nip then a bite), here’s hoping she makes a speedy recovery and files this incident away under “lesson learned”.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    I tell people frequently that “you can’t lie to a dog.”

    They are excellent judges of character and see through the facade almost instantly. Mine was growling at street people as we drove by when he was only a few months old, and snarling at our HOA president even as the witch tried to bribe him with treats. This from a dog that spends most of his time sleeping, chasing squeaky balls, and getting his belly rubbed by women of all ages.

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  2. Kimpost

    I’m not sure that the dog didn’t particularly like her (liberal) character, but the dog sure didn’t like the close attention – and he let that be known well before the bite. Dyer´s supposedly familiar with animals, which makes her mistake a bit puzzling. In any which case she was at fault, not the dog, and certainly not the owner.

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  3. Seattle Outcast

    I’ve found that dogs react to the following types of people negatively:


    The reporter didn’t take the obvious message of “get the hell out of my face” seriously, and suffered the consequences as a result. I’ll go with “idiot” in her case.

    The dog did absolutely nothing wrong.

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  4. AlexInCT

    Hey not to thread jack, but why can’t I post on the wanker thread you put up Rich? After 22 years of marriage I am an exper.. Ahm.. disregard that. Nothing to see… move on.

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