Whither Syria?

Syria is a disaster right now, with an oppressive government brutalizing and killing people every day to maintain its loathsome rule. We’ve pulled our embassy and, but for China and Russia, we would have gotten a UN resolution condemning the violence (for all the good that would do; i.e., none). But that’s not enough for some people. There are increasing calls for us to get involved in the situation.

It probably won’t surprise anyone here, but I think this would be a bad idea. The situation is simply appalling; the violence unimaginable. There are videos and images out there that are truly shocking — and I’m difficult to shock. But I don’t see that any good can come of our involvement. It would rally support to the regime, harm the opposition and, even if it worked, not guarantee a worse outcome, as we’re seeing in Egypt.

Perhaps covert help might be acceptable. But I think we need to continue to stay out of this one. Let Russia and Iran burn themselves out supporting these creeps. Their time is coming … all the faster if we stay out.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    I’m going to play grumpy old fart for a moment and issue the opinion that getting involved in these regional unrest messes never works out for us in the long run.

    We spend a boatload of money, use up a bunch of weapons, get a few soldiers killed, and when it is all over we never really get the desired result. Whomever is in charge doesn’t appreciate the help (at least, not in any way that matters), we’re seen as interfering, and frequently the new people in charge are just as bad as those just deposed.

    So, let’s just stand back and let the little tin-pot warlords and dictators get on with their ethnic cleansing, opposition suppression, or whatever excuse they are coming up with for mass murder, and deal with whomever is left from a position of “we just might nuke your ass, so watch it” and save ourselves the trouble.

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  2. Poosh

    Given that Libya and Egypt have pretty much begun the road to a tyranny far worst than the ones before them – specifically because of the religion of Islam – I’d say “no” because helping a bunch of Islamic vermin replace a tyrant with a far worse one is like voting for Obama a second time > suicidal.

    My faith in the human spirit has been broken by Libya and Egypt, so no thanks. Muslim arabs will always choose extreme tyranny over liberty or mild tyranny.

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  3. TxAg94

    Make no mistake, Russia and China voted down a UN resolution, in part at least, in the hope that we WILL get involved. Aside from saving the lives of people who would turn on us sooner or later anyway, nothing good can come from an involvement there. And if we do, look to Russia and China to feed the other side to insure our involvement costs us as much money and lives and embarrassment as possible.

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  4. AlexInCT

    Make no mistake, Russia and China voted down a UN resolution, in part at least, in the hope that we WILL get involved.

    This stinks of the same shit Russia and France did back in the day where the subject du jour was Iraq and the bad guy Saddam. Saddam would have backed down if these assholes had no told him they would veto action of any kind and that meant nothing would happen to him. Granted Obama might not do anything because he is a liberal pussy, but liberal true believers are also some of the most blood thirsty fuckers when it serves them, and a nice little war with Iran can go a long way to shore up his poll numbers and the coming election. I have been wondering if the Chinese & Russians are just hoping the insane death worshippers in Tehran will really believe that Russia & China can stop action, pull a Saddam and piss off everyone, then get pounded for it. This way they get what they want, and make others take all the risks and suffer the consequences. That’s some cold shit there, but these guys work that way.

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  5. blameme


    This has been going on for thousands of years. SO was spot on. Stay out, let them kill the hell out of each other and then deal with whoever wins.

    Let Russia drain their time and money along with Iran. We need to STAY AT HOME.

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  6. West Virginia Rebel

    It’s never been “Good guys versus bad guys” in that part of the world. This is a civil war and if history is any indication, taking sides would only come back to bite us.

    Also, John McCain is looking more irrelevant with each passing statement he makes.

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  7. Section8

    Perhaps covert help might be acceptable.

    I’d be wary of that as well. Then it’s the CIA plotting overthrows, and our “secret” war, and man do the left indulge themselves any time they can bring the word “secret” into the conversation. It almost ranks up there with racist. Twenty years from now something happens due to some Syrian radicals, it will be, “Remember that secret war that killed a hundred million innocents that we waged?” No thanks, let France take care of it.

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