Worse idea nominee for 2012?

I guess with the opportunities to steal trillions they where hoping the whole AGW cult thing would provide now waning, and waning faster than Obama’s ability to give up class warfare rhetoric, the coterie of robber barons at the UN sees the need to fill the void left by this failed plan. Don’t worry, there is a plan B! Willie Sutton became famous for the urban legend that attributes a quote to him answering “Because that’s where the money is”, when prompted for the reason he robbed banks. It sure looks like the crooks at the UN took that advice to heart:

NEW YORK — Outside the United Nations headquarters, hundreds of people were shouting and waving banners Tuesday that read “China and Russia – No Veto.” These people wanted support from the Security Council of the U.N. to oust the President of Syria, Bashar al-Assad.

Inside the U.N., another group of civil society leaders demanded a basic level of social security as they promoted a “social protection floor” at a preparatory forum for the Commission on Social Development, which began Feb. 1.

The focus of the forum was “universal access to basic social protection and social services.”

“No one should live below a certain income level,” stated Milos Koterec, President of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. “Everyone should be able to access at least basic health services, primary education, housing, water, sanitation and other essential services.”

These services were presented at the forum as basic human rights equal to the rights of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

The money to fund these services may come from a new world tax.

Right! About the only organization on this planet that makes the corrupt bureaucracies running most African or ME nations, just to name a couple of corruption friendly power centers, where bureaucrats consider it part of their compensation package to steal as much as they can from whomever, and whenever they can, look like petty theft cases is the UN. And speaking of Syria, how many chairs does Syria hold in the UN? Don’t they even have one on the human rights commission?

This isn’t just a bad idea, it is beyond evil and stupid. The UN is a den of thieves and criminals, with the worlds vilest people getting to pretend they are decent. Frankly if I was one of the world’s poor I would start running. In practice most of the people from the UN are better at stealing stuff, molesting kids, and causing misery in general. The price the world and these poor people will have to pay so these demons masquerading as angels can make themselves look like they care, while they run all the way to the bank with the money they plan to steal, is too high.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    I wonder how this will dovetail in with the UN’s “sustainability” scam now that AGW is now rapidly falling into a death spiral? It was obvious that the other stalking horses put forward weren’t going to gain any traction, but “sustainability” has been undergoing a number of revisions over the past decade in order to strip it of any obvious “green” origins and taint.

    However, just like with “global warming” in the mid 80’s, I was there when the first push for “sustainability” was put forth (and I had short fucking words with the person who chose the speaker that evening), and seen it’s various whitewashed forms since then.

    Nothing has changed, only the marketing – the UN’s ecotard/Marxist brigade will always be attempting to find a new avenue for “global governance” via some calamity that exists only in their reports. They’ve learned a lot since first pushing “global cooling” for a decade, and “global warming” for nearly three decades, so expect “sustainability” to have an ever greater PR campaign full of lies, distortions, blacklists, celebrity endorsements, and “consensus”….

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  2. sahrab

    Want hilarity?

    Check this picture. Its of the “new” US Census bureau building in Suitland Maryland (a veritable shit hole of an area). This particular building was built a few years ago, and in an effort to maintain green policies and sustainability the outside of the building is covered with a wood veil or fins.

    The idea behind it, the wood slats would act as a sunshade and give the building an aesthetic apeal. This is the same complex, under the direction of representitive Barbara Mikulski (D), changed out its chain link fence (put up to prevent the car thefts that were occuring in this gem of Maryland) with wrought iron fencing and new brick sidewalks and cross walks. sorry i diverged.

    The problem with the wood¿ it wasnt treated for Maryland seasons, and now looks like crap. The wood is weathered to an ugly grey and is splitting and seperating from the building (due to warpage). The only areas that still look decent are those protected by an overhang and arent directly facing the weather.

    what a friggin waste.

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