The Dark Side made em do it!

Has to be what happened to cause this:

A 33-year-old man who struck customers with light sabers at the Toys R Us at Hayden Island has been sentenced to 45 days jail and possible mental-health treatment. David Allen Canterbury told Judge Kenneth Walker that he is already seeking mental-health treatment. Canterbury also apologized to his victims.

That, or the dude is playing with a deck that is short a few cards. May the force be with him.

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  1. Section8

    Old guys obsessed with chatting with teens on youtube of metal bands, and then talking incessantly about it. It is fricken weird these days ain’t it?

    Edit: I should state 1 old guy. That’s all I know of at the moment.

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  2. hohokiss

    Americans constantly projecting themselves onto others, and somehow sticking profanity and insults into every single solitary non-discussion they hold anywhere.

    Looks like odd habits made in USA are the subject, here, and that HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR GETS CURSED OUT video on youtube is 100% Made in USA. “Love it or leave it”

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