I’m in a mad rush to go overseas so it will be light posting from me until Friday night. But the big news is that Romney has won Florida and is now running well ahead of the pack. I won’t declare it over with so many delegates not having voted. But it’s very close to over. We have simply not seen the emergence of a credible NotRomney.

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  1. Hal_10000 *

    We are so fucked. I tried to count the ways in which we are fucked, but my calculator doesn’t go that high.

    We’re also running out of holes to get fucked in.

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  2. AlexInCT

    ABO – Anyone but Obama.

    Romney sucks. I dislike him with a passion. but I doubt he could be as bad as Obama even if he tried as hard as he could.

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  3. Dave D

    Maybe wishful thinking on my part, but Romney “sort of” reminds me of Ronaldus Maximus in that he came from goverening a liberal state and all that. Am I stupid/naive or what?

    I just don’t trust “outsider who is actually a big insider” Newt and I think Santorum is unelectable due to religious issues.

    Also, I’m with Alex: ABO! ABO! ABO!

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  4. davidst

    The only good thing i can think about Romney is that he’s richer than the alternatives. Maybe he already has enough money and he will only worry about his legacy and trying to actually help people. A lot of our best presidents were very rich. On the other hand, maybe he will initiate a Mormon police state.

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  5. hist_ed

    My own take on Newt/Mitt: There’s not a cunt hair of difference between their positions. They’ve both flip flopped enough to be equally tarred by that brush. Newt has the worst negatives of anyone running. He isn’t likely to overcome that. He also is lot more likely to spout off some campaign ruining crap and then double down and keep trying to argue that sending poor minorities to the moon base in rocket lean sigma six to pick up their job vouchers instead of food stamps is the way to go. Newt also will not feel beholden to anyone for his victory. He has an ego that makes Trump seem like a monk. Newt also wants to make history in a bad way and working with a Democratic minority just might appeal to him. “See how cool I am? I compromised with Harry Reid.”

    Romney will know that he will owe a lot of people. He also knows that conservatives will be watching him closely. He wants to be the manager in chief and to do that he will need the GOP.

    Ask yourself, you is more likely to propose some sort of new budget busting federal program to launch us into the future? Don’t vote for that guy.

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  6. CM

    I hope Newt wins the nomination purely because I think the campaign will then be much much more interesting (especially the debates). However if I was an American conservative, I’d go for the guy most likely to beat Obama, which is clearly Romney. My pick is that Obama would beat Newt reasonably comfortably, but Romney might make it real close.

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  7. Hal_10000 *

    hist, I go back and forth on Romney, but I often have your point of view: he’s a manager. He’s practical. He’ll do what needs to be done to get re-elected. There’s even a chance he’ll listen to people.

    In the end, you really REALLY can’t judge anyone by his rhetoric; you have to go on his actions. Look at Romney’s record if you want to know what he’ll do in office.

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  8. Mississippi Yankee

    “Trouble ahead for Romney?”

    What might be most interesting in both states is what happens in a head to head between Romney and either Gingrich or Santorum:

    -In Missouri Santorum leads Romney 50-37 and in Ohio Santorum leads 45-38.

    -In Missouri Gingrich leads Romney 43-42 and in Ohio Gingrich leads 42-39.

    Two takeaways from those numbers: if this ever came down to Romney, Paul, and just one out of Gingrich and Santorum, Romney would be in a lot of trouble. And he’d be in more trouble if the single conservative alternative ended up being Santorum.

    Santorum is a stronger long term threat to Romney than Gingrich because he has less baggage and is simply much better liked.

    Santorum is easily the most popular of the Republican candidates in both Missouri (+42 favorability at 63/21, compared to +20 forGingrich and +10 for Romney) and Ohio (+35 at 59/24 compared to +10 for both Gingrich and Romney). It’s just proving hard for Santorum to get much traction while Gingrich is still in the race.

    Things no one here will want to think about but the math and logic seems sound.

    If I may paraphrase Donald Rumsfeld, we have knowns, known unknowns and unknown unknowns. And this erection cycle is just now getting started.

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  9. Kimpost

    I think that Romney’s the obvious threat to Obama, while Newt is not, which is why Romney will win the nomination. Personally though, I would like to see Ron Paul pick up the nomination (starting by winning a 2 or 3 in February). Everybody says that he’s unelectable, and he might be. But I’m not entirely sure. He’s got personal likeability, which would make personal attacks on him a bit difficult (jumping the nice old uncle) He’s certainly the only one that would bring something really new to a presidency. Makes me curious…

    Assuming that he won’t get the nomination, I think that he’s seriously considering a third party ticket. I give that a 50-50 chance.

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  10. Poosh

    Think of Romney as a repair man. Put him in, make him fix all the damage Obama and his so-called Democrats have caused, and then send in a better replacement.

    That being said, I hear Obama is eager to cut and run from Afghanistan on the eve of victory, and the Taliban seem likely to come back… bit like Iraq. Pakistan is a wreck. The Middle East’s Arab Spring is turning into a nightmare uprising of Islamism. At this point I wonder if anyone can actually fix the mess Obama has made. Newt appears to “get it”, but I fear he’s just saying whatever bends one’s ear.

    Not even Hilary Clinton would have been this bad. *sigh*

    / tactical side note, though Romney can sidestep most of the Dem’s smears (i.e he’s a right-wing nutjob) … Obama’s class warfare bs will damage him UNLESS Romney can proudly fight back against it.

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