The Most Hated Woman In America?

OK, “hate” might be a bit strong, how about the most hypocritical?

Sticking with that truism that you dance with the girl who brought ya, the president will not let go of that class warfare bone. The politics of envy and deflection, worked before, and since there are no magic bullets for what is ailing this economy (from a social European POV) making the rich pay their fair share is as old reliable.

But how stupid (and typical of these guys) was it to make Warren Buffet’s secretary as the poster child of wealth redistribution?

She was held up as an example of how the current U.S. tax system is unfair to ‘middle-class households’ by President Obama in his State of the Union speech – but all may not be as it first appeared.
Warren Buffet’s long-term secretary, Debbie Bosanek, has been the go-to reference during the debate over raising taxes for millionaires – as it is claimed that due to current loopholes in the system, she pays more tax than her billionaire boss.
Obama focused on Ms Bosanek again last night in Washington as she sat listening to the speech as a guest of the First Lady.

Yep, her and the first lady were yucking it up, basking in the spot light of equity and fairness. Your typical middle class earner, screwed by the system because she pays income taxes at a higher rate (false!!!!) then her famous/wealthy boss, except:

According to Forbes, Ms Bosanek takes home an annual income between $200,000 and $500,000 – based on the most recent tax tables from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Wahoo, the middle class is doing great under Obama, “Please, sir, can I have some more”?

Yeah, I guess it would be a bit crass to have his butt buddy Jeff Immelt sitting next to Michelle as the embodiment of the middle class, so we got the next best thing, a half a million dollar a year earner who complains about her tax bill.

Dear Ms. Bosanek, you keep squirreling away your pennies and buy some dividend paying stocks, then you too can live (without working and garnishing income) on the dividend rate of 15%, just like your boss, but until then, STFU.

As an aside, for those this week arguing the concept of an infinite size pie/wealth (that just because I get a big piece does not necessarily translate that you by cause/affect will get a smaller piece), and that the rich are in fact paying their fair share now (some would say above and beyond that), the explanation is rather simple and rudimentary, but some will never figure out the difference between income taxes and dividend rates. Whether by indolence, bad luck, or myopia, they are stuck in their rut, unable to get out, too bad for them.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    She’s about as much a “secretary” as my dog is. We should start by applying an appropriate description to her job before getting all bent out of shape because she’s paid about 15 times more than a “secretary” generally earns.

    I’ll reserve my hate for those women actively trying to destroy the country – Streisand, Jarret, Boxer, Feinstein, Obama…

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  2. Section8

    I thought he wanted to up the tax on any individual making over 250K (which she most likely is), therefore he could have just as easily said, “See this well to do woman that’s paid handsomely by a wealthy tycoon? We need to tax her more.” (to cheers for the left of the aisle) In the world of class warfare, I guess the enemy of the enemy is your friend. So today, she’s the victim. Tomorrow she’ll be a greedy rich bitch who also isn’t paying “her fair share”.

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