Lace ‘em Up!

We keep hearing about the pugilistic attitude that prevails in Congress, they ain’t lying:

No commentary is necessary. Sometimes I wish they would go all Preston Brooks on each other. Waxman, another Californian in that Pelosi mold that they forgot to break, is beyond weasily. But I was struck by the total and utter contempt that the chairman had for him. Ed Whitfield is my new hero.

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  1. CM

    “…if you wanna talk about that let’s talk about the millions of dollars that the Obama Administration gave companies like Solyndra, to people like George Kaiser who’s out there bundling money for the President”

    Except that, aside from it’s complete irrelevance to the Keystone project, the Obama Administration didn’t give millions of dollars to George Kaiser

    Solyndra began life by raising venture capital from private sources. Among those was Argonaut Private Equity, the Kaiser-affiliated nonprofit to which Malkin referred. In total, the company raised nearly $1 billion in equity funding from these investors — including approximately $270 million from Argonaut. That money is now gone. Written off. Never to be seen again.

    Kaiser’s non-profit lost a shitload of money. Even if they get their additional $75 million loan repaid, Argonaut would still lose its original $270 million equity investment.

    Aside from that, as stupid and pointless as it would be to get them in to testify (could Waxman have come across as a bigger dick?), the Koch’s (or their reps) did seem to make possibly misleading statements about whether they had an ‘interest’ in the pipeline (i.e. would they benefit). Certainly if people are going to suggest that Obama rejected the Keystone application to assist Buffett’s interests, they can’t at the same time claim the Koch’s had no interests in it being approved.

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  2. TxAg94

    Someone please tell me where in any permitting process with any federal agency for any project whatsoever is there a line item asking, “Are you related to the Koch Brothers and will you make money on this project?” How can we allow this grabage to continue, picking of winners and losers by association? I know it’s nothing new but they aren’t even hiding it anymore.

    Joe McCarthy would be right at home in the new Democratic party, “Have you now or have you ever been a member of the Koch Family?”

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