You won’t hear this from the LSM or Obama tonight..

But today, when Obama is set to give his “State of the Union” cum campaign speech – yeah, they are all campaign speeches with this guy and this one will be nothing more than a pile of half truths where he yet again passes blame to others and pretend his administration has been anything but disastrous – also marks day number 1000 without a budget. Yes, one thousand days ago, that’s almost 3 years for those that are math challenges, our democrat overlords that controlled both houses of congress and the WH, opted to not pass a budget so there wouldn’t be any written record of how much money they pissed away come the election of 2010. One thousand days later, and we now are deeper in debt and still spending about $1.5 trillion more than the government fleeces the working stiffs for each year.

This despicable stunt was first excused and then ignored by the LSM, which is doing the same yet again today, but Americans should not forget as their president takes the podium to sell his snake oil that it is our do nothing congress, and in particular the do nothing Senate where Reid who master minded the plan to have democrats not pass a budget bill, runs the show and blocks progress. Let’s say it together! One thousand days without a budget, because the tax and spenders are afraid to let people know how badly they have abused the trust the majority of the country put in them – I knew better – and how much money they flushed down the toilet so far. And they are not even close to being done screwing up the country yet. Oh, no they aren’t. Remember that as you hear this lame ass telling you how great he and the class warriors are tonight.

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