Football Day, Don’t Bother Me

I realize the core constituency here is not sports driven, but for those so inclined to way in on either JoePa’s passing or the NFL this year, here ya go.

Re: Paterno, for my own self, I think Jerry Sandusky has more to do with JoePa’s death then any pussy cancer cells, and it’s a damn shame to. If given a few more years and some time to give his side, his thinking, to rehabilitate himself if possible, his reputation might have been salvaged. But now, the two are inextricably linked. Sandusky going to prison for a long time and Penn State paying out settlements for years to come, both will be done under the moniker of the winningest coach in college football history.

For the NFL, some positives; Detroit making some noise, finally. The same emotions that made us all Saints fans a few years ago, we now all want the Lions to win, they deserve to win. Some rather hauty and seemingly untouchable QB records bit the dust this year. Drew Breeze and Aaron Rogers cemented their hall of fame credentials, both with one of a kind years, and thrilled us in the process.

Some surprises, how ’bout them Niners? What happened to the Eagles? Will the Cowboys ever win with Romo? And probably the biggest story of the year, when will Tim Tebow lose his virginity?

On to today’s game. Naturally I want the Niners to win, but the Giants remind me a lot of Green Bay last year, a mediocre season but peaking at the right time, and I think we can put to the rest the notion that Eli is not part of that elite cadre. The weather will still be iffy, and who knows which Alex Smith will show up today, but I gotta go with the home team on this one.

Over on the East Coast it is that old unstoppable force/immovable object debate, the Raven defense against Brady and crew. It is all up to Flacko, if he can drink some courage in a bottle and stay in the pocket, good things can happen. Brady looks like his old self, he can take over a game on his arm. I’m going to go with Brady today.

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  1. Santino

    It was a sad and precipitous end for Joe Pa (although not as sad as a grown man molesting children). I’m sure that given time, whether rightly or wrongly, Paterno will be looked back upon fondly by most.

    Detroit making some noise, finally.

    Amen to that. Now, if they can instill some discipline on defense (and find the secondary that went missing against the Saints) they can make some more noise.

    I’m looking forward to another Brady-led Super Bowl victory, ideally against the Giants to avenge his prior loss. I have no rooting interest in the Pats, I just like seeing great athletes of my (viewing) generation win plenty of championships. Just like I’d also like to see Federer and Tiger win a few more majors. Then when my daughters are older and we’re watching The Masters, I can regale them with stories of Tiger. “In his prime, no one carried a club like Tiger. There wasn’t a hole that Tiger couldn’t find. And he wasn’t a bad golfer either.”

    As a second choice it would be interesting to see the Harbaughs go head-to-head in the Super Bowl. Even if this story would be played up ad naseum.

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