Purity Bear

Because you haven’t watched any video this week until you’ve watched this one:

If there were any justice in this world, the clip would end with the boy fucking the bear. Just to make the circle of creepiness complete.

This is from Liberty Counsel, a group that supports the usual nos — no sex, no sex education, no birth control, no HPV vaccines, no gays and, apparently, no acting lessons. This is in support their “Day of Purity” when teens will celebrate abstaining from sex. Having abstained from sex through high school — not of my own volition — this isn’t exactly something I would celebrate. I would have spent it more raging at my invisibility to the fairer sex and wishing I were dead (or played football).

But to each his own.

I just don’t see this being effective. If I were a teenager, this ad would make me run out and defile myself at once just to make sure I never ever encountered that damned bear.

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  1. hist_ed

    Hold it a minute. She’s ready to put out on the first date and he is strong, so very strong in his faith (with the helpful bear reminder). Years later, he marries the slut anyway? What kind of a message does this send to the girls? Bang away, girls, until you find a guy who says no. Even if you come on to him and let him know you are ready to rock, he will still want to stick by you until that wedding day.

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  2. Seattle Outcast

    This commercial brought to you by PedoBear….

    In real life, when you’re a teenager with a girlfriend that puts out, you buy a box of condoms and proceed to fuck the crap out of her at every opportunity.

    Nobody ever says “Man, I wish I hadn’t gotten laid so much as a teenager.”

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  3. Seattle Outcast

    The one thing that makes this thing totally unbelievable is that the boy is no way going to get offered pussy by that girl. He’s still 5 years away from shaving once a week, looks like a complete dweeb, and in all reality she’s been sucking the cock of some guy with a job, car, and apartment ever since she had tits big enough to get noticed.

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  4. Dick Fitzwell

    I guess you’re supposed to think that they waited until they were older but really it just looks like they made a rash decision to get married the very next week. “No sex before marriage? Ok! How soon can we get married?!”

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