Perry Out, Marianne In

Things got interesting for Camp Newt today. He is apparently surging in the South Carolina polls. Rick Perry dropped out and endorsed him. And, as Rich noted below, wife Number 2 is set to give a TV interview dishing on all his personal scumbaggery. I’ll let Rich’s post address the Marianne Ginrich thing, but I thought I’d post a quick thought on Perry.

This is not unexpected and I think his withdrawal speech was actually one of his better campaign moments. Looking back, I’m not sure Perry really wanted to be President. He liked the attention, but he always seemed to be fine with the idea of just going back to Texas. In this environment, I’d frankly rather be Governor of Texas, too. At least I’d have access to Austin barbecue.

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  1. Hal_10000 *

    Newt owes John King a fruit baskey for serving up that softball. It was right in Gingrich’s wheelhouse — bashing the media. And may have won him SC.

    It was a dumb question.

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