And Then There Were Four

They say that everything is bigger in Texas, right now Perry wishes that was not the case.

I got Foxnews on in the background and am waiting for Perry to make it official, but I’m wondering why he waited so long. I figured he would be right behind Huntsman and am thinking that his Texas size ego kept him in longer then was prudent.

A few months ago I wrote a post on my enthusiasm for Perry. Living here in California the only thing I knew about him was his record in job creation for his state. I knew he was a religious man (never a strike in my book) but virtually his entire history, his qualifications, and his ability to compete was a mystery to me. But I felt (and still do to a degree) that this election was so important and that the incumbent was formidable enough that an A candidate was required, and all we had available were minor league players, bench warmers, and a college prospect here and there. Last week in a post I included a link that said about two thirds of voting Republicans were dissatisfied with the current choices, this exit does not change that.

Perry provides some classic examples of the follies of a candidate who:

1)Gets in to the race late
2)Thinks his record alone can carry the day
3)Thinks his personality will make up for other deficiencies (can’t debate, doesn’t really know the issues of the day, and can’t think on the fly).
4)Clearly was not ready

Even after spinning his wheels, and getting an early education that he needs to prepare, even then if he was a quick charge, a possibility of a turn around was clear, then we had the “oops” moment, and he was a dead man walking.

Perry will now throw his support to Newt, BFD.

The crashing and burning of Perry will be studied and provide a ready made blue print for future candidates for what NOT to do. It really is a pity because broadening the choices, getting more from which to draw on, is always a good thing. But Perry’s attempt to challenge the test was beyond pathetic.

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  1. Jim

    I would attribute this drop-out *far more* to the media’s influence. National polling indicates he was was picking up speed and pulling up on Ron Paul. Perhaps the problem is that we let the outcome of *three god damned states* dictate to the rest of the country who we are going to have as the nominee and *like* it.
    If you look at the numbers, people don’t actually *like* Romney or Newt, but yet, here they are in the lead. We’ve been force-fed our decision and constantly told, well, deal with it. What. The. Hell. Why should I lose a chance to vote for a guy who doesn’t suck just because a couple states vote too damn early?

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