The Department of Corporate Welfare

You remember early on in the Obama Administration when he “challenged” his cabinet to find something like $0.82 in savings? Actually, it was about $100 million or one three-thousandth of the new spending he was sending their way.

Well, he’s doing it again. This time he’s calling for a merging of several federal agencies. It would cut about 1000 federal jobs and save a whopping $3 billion over the next decade. If only he can do it 4000 more times, our budget problems will be solved.

But, OK, I’ll praise him for that … for a second … let’s bask in it.

And now I’ll call it bullshit:

Contrary to what various news outlets are reporting, President Obama is NOT proposing to cut government. The administration is proposing to take four independent federal agencies that specialize in corporate welfare – along with the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative – and combine them with corporate welfare programs at the Department of Commerce to form what I would argue should be called the Department of Corporate Welfare.

According to reports, this rearranging of the deck chairs would save $300 million a year. That’s peanuts. Worse, those alleged savings will be of no consequence to taxpayers as there is nothing to suggest that the president intends to cut overall spending for the agencies comprising the new bureaucracy. That portends bigger government, not smaller. The president is trying to sell the American taxpayer a false bill of goods.

The program is actually called BusinessUSA. But while making it easier for businesses to navigate the dizzying federal bureaucracy might be a laudable goal, a better one would be making them not have to navigate it all. A huge amount of what these agencies do is pure corporate welfare, with companies wheeling and dealing for the next taxpayer buck. The programs should be merged and then cancelled. The only remainder should be necessary stuff like export control (i.e., making sure our businesses don’t sell nuclear weapons parts to Iran or somebody).

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    As an added bonus, Obama managed to blame Nixon for this.

    You know it’s getting pretty desperate in the WH when they can’t get traction with blaming Reagan and resort to Nixon. Next up, it’s all Barry Goldwater’s fault.

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  2. hist_ed

    Nah, it really goes back to Calvin Coolidge. If that Republican bastard hadn’t sat back while the poor suffered, if he hadn’t advantaged the 1%, the Obama would have balanced the budget by now.

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  3. AlexInCT

    What I remember is watching Obama sometime last week when I was working out at the gym talking about how congress should abrogate more power to him so he can reshape government the way he likes it and thinking this guy is a Pol Pot wanna-be. And I saw all the sycophants on CNN then talk about how brilliant he was and how much better things would be if only Obama was calling all the shots. These seem to be the same people that think Castro and Chavez are men of the people, without realizing that in Cuba or Venezuela, people like them in the media get jailed or killed if they say even the slightest negative thing about the leadership. They are not even bright enough to realize Chavez and Castro play them like useful idiots, and love how they are willing to tie the rope they would hang these reporters with all on their own.

    I bet you that when we get the real details about the planned savings we find out they are as real as the ones that the government healthcare takeover promised us but will never deliver. What we will get is a good shafting and no reach around.

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