Rightwinger Or Prog?

Switching gears a bit (How about them Niners?) I found a new Rube Goldberg video. These (ingenious contraptions or mechanisms, purposely complicated and intricately designed to perform one simple task at the end) have been around for a while. Probably the most watched is a Honda commercial from a few years ago. There is even a website dedicated to the truly creative. Take at look at this one. Here is the question, is this guy a conservative or a prog?

Not easy, is it?

Some clues whereby he might be a prog:

1) He is reading the NY Times………..honestly.
2) He looks like a OWSer, unkempt hair, although he is wearing a clean shirt, might have to re think this one.
3) Can’t really tell by his book collection, looks like there is a textbook there on human interaction (bad), but he does have something on Steinbeck (good), but only a prog would have two copies of the same book in close proximity.
4) Keeps one flower (a fake one at that) in a vase.
5) Gay French music in the end.

But he might be a righty:

1) He does not turn his little pinky up while drinking his coffee.
2) He has a ready supply of explosive fuses at hand.
3) Has billiard balls, progs don’t play any kind of sports and have no athletic abilities.
4) Is oblivious to dopey organizations like PETA and could not care less about the discomfort of a varmint in making his machine.

After reflection, I do think this guy is a prog but had a conservative buddy build his machine for him, probably got a federal grant to fund it, and snookered the DOE in to thinking he found a new source of green energy.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    It’s a hipster douchebag. You are allowed to kill them on sight.

    While I applaud that they tossed a Mac laptop on the floor, hopefully to its destruction, I can’t abide the rodent abuse.

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