Murder on the Nuclear Express

Green Greenwald has a great point about the recent assassination of another Iranian nuclear scientist. He compares the reaction to the actual assassination of Iranian scientists to the reaction to Glenn Reynold’s suggestion of same:

What’s most remarkable here is to compare the boisterous, furious denunciations of the mere suggestion by a blogger on the Internet that Iranian scientists be killed, versus the relative silence in the face of its actually being done in real life, now that the corpses of murdered Iranian scientists are beginning to pile up. Does anyone doubt that some combination of the two nations completely obsessed with Iran’s nuclear program — Israel and the U.S. — are responsible? (U.S. officials deny involvement while pointing the finger at Israel, whose officials will not comment but “smile” when asked; the CIA has “targeted” Iran’s scientists in the past, several of whom have disappeared only to end up in U.S. custody, including one who “resurfaced in the United States after defecting to the CIA in return for a large sum of money”). At the very least, there has been no denunciation from any Obama officials of whoever it might be carrying out such acts.

I actually don’t think we’re behind this. I wouldn’t put it past Obama, but I’m very doubtful. Everyone seem to think it’s Israel and I will admit they’re the most likely candidate. But the Saudis and Iraqis have no interest in a nuclear Iraq. Neither do India or Pakistan.

But I do know that if a Republican were President, the demands for a special investigation would be long and loud. It’s obscene how the Left falls on real or perceived War on Terror excess when it’s their guy doing it.

Curious what you guys think about this, however. Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan was not a terrorist or a military figure; he was a scientist with a family. Is the killing justified? Is it an act of war? Is it an act of terrorism, as Greenwald claims?

Update: More here. I do want to re-iterate what I’ve said before: I think all of this is merely delaying the inevitable. Iran, even if the current regime is toppled, will never accept not being a nuclear power. Not when they’re surrounded by other nuclear powers. Staving off the inevitable isn’t a bad thing — maybe we can push the nuclear day past the Mullahs’ expiration date. But it is still just staving off the inevitable. Iran will be a nuclear power one day. The debate is not about whether we can prevent it but what means we are willing to use to delay that day of reckoning.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    Iran with nukes will turn out to be Pakistan with nukes; someone with a weapon that they know damned well they shouldn’t have now that they’ve been targeted for multiple strikes the moment they get stupid.

    Pakistan keeps demanding respect because they are a nuclear power, and what they get is “asshole, you best watch yourself before you turn into a glass parking lot.” Iran thinks that having nukes will allow them to take a better bargaining position, when it will actually get worse for them in the long run.

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  2. Hal_10000 *

    Agreed, SO. I don’t think they realize just what the “nuclear club” is going to be like. I’d basically offer patriot missiles to Israel and permanently station an Aegis in the gulf. And quietly let them know that if a terrorist sets off a bomb, it will be a matter of hours before we can definitively show where it came from.

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  3. swassociates

    All I can say is nicely done! All with the added James Bond touch. Way too clever to have been done by the Obama administration.

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  4. Mississippi Yankee

    I’d have to disagree with your Pakistan analogy. India keeps Pakistan ‘in check’ and visa-versa.

    No super-power or wanna- be super-power (Us, Russia, China, Germany, GB, Fwance ect.) would step into Paki high crimes unless all the marbles were on the line. Hell Pakistan was given the bomb to offset the one the Soviet Union gave India.

    Iran, on the other hand, has no regional power with the bomb. And NO Israel doesn’t count because their involvement would put ‘all the marbles’ back on the table.

    Certainly you’re not suggesting we gift the Saudi’s a deterrent weapon are you? Iraq?

    This world only works with checks and balances, and in this case Israel can not be a counter point.

    Israel had a huge hand in developing the Patriot Missiles Battery System and have had them (officially) since Desert Storm.

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    Another rumor working its way around is that a Iranian resistance moment has been tagging these guys, and they have been backed by both the US and Israel.

    HAL, Israel, had had Patriots since Op:DS, and have developed their own BMDS the ARROW , and they
    are developing even more systems both directed energy and missiles.

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  6. davidst

    But I do know that if a Republican were President, the demands for a special investigation would be long and loud. It’s obscene how the Left falls on real or perceived War on Terror excess when it’s their guy doing it.

    It’s obscene, but expected. The politically brainwashed alter their view of reality before they alter their ideology. And the elected ones are just putting on the show that they are paid to put on. Those who really have power in this country need to maintain a divided and distracted electorate.

    Have you noticed any ultimately meaningless scandals lately?

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