Shoulda Called Bain

Risk/reward, success/failure, supply/demand, capitalism and the free market system is not fair, does not play favorites, and does not redistribute wealth. It exists in a predatory state whereby you either sink or swim, no treading water allowed. And nobody or no company is exempt from it’s affects, unless government steps in with it’s Too Big To Fail nonsense, but this post in not about that.

Some rather big companies are in the news lately concerning their inability to adapt to market forces. Eastman Kodak Co., a DOW component since 1930, has gone the way of the buggy whip.

But what is more disturbing, at least to me is the business failure and eminent disappearance of a staple of mine for decades:

Hostess Brands Inc. is preparing to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection as soon as this week, said people familiar with the matter, a move that would mark the second significant court restructuring for the Twinkies and Wonder Bread baker in the past several years.
Interstate Baking Co., the name Hostess used to go by long ago, was formed in 1930. Some brands Hostess still sells, including Drake’s cakes, predate the company. In its infancy, the company made loaves of bread for grocery stores to sell.

Yeah, I like junk food, always have. I don’t eat alot of it mind you and have always been fit, but have kept Hostess in business since I was a kid. Zingers are more my specialty, the raspberry/coconut ones especially.

But other junk food is equally important. Lee wrote a post years ago about some fast food place that offered this massive cookie pizza thingee, with gobs of chocolate, whipped cream and caramel drippings, how he got diabetic rush just thinking about it, me, it made me hungry.

One place I have on my list of places and to go and things to try, is to visit one of these some day. We don’t have them here in California and I certainly would not a regular, but bet I could put a way a triple in one seating.

I treat my body pretty well but am big on indulgences, what is life for?

I’m going to miss Hostess but understand business risks, fortunately there are ample substitutes for what they offer. This guy, I can relate:

Any culinary indulgences (not good for you) you have a passion for?

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  1. Mississippi Yankee

    Hostess is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, specifically:

    Hostess’s filing would mark what is known as a Chapter 22 proceeding in restructuring circles, since the company had already sought bankruptcy protection once before.

    Once in bankruptcy court, Hostess will try to reduce debt and renegotiate labor contracts, many of them with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union, the people said. Hostess plans to file court papers soon threatening to reject or modify labor contracts under applicable bankruptcy rules, the people said. Such moves provide troubled companies a bargaining chip to try and get concessions from unionized workers.

    So rich, how about speaking to your brother union members so we can all fill our pie-holes.

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  2. richtaylor365 *

    To keep my Zinger supply coming in uninterrupted I would recommend management void all existing union contracts by getting them stayed in bankruptcy court, re organize, then hire only no union workers.

    How’s that for union loyalty?

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  3. Mississippi Yankee

    If the Department of Homeland Security is keeping tabs on a site like DRUDGE REPORT a site with a name like Right Thinking From the Left Coast may have been glanced at too.

    A tip-off to the people that manage your pension fund by Big Sis might be painful.

    Oh and for the record Hostess fucking ruined Drake’s Cake when they bought them out in the mid 70’s. Case in point Drake’s Ring Ding™. They fuckin ruined it I tell you!

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  4. Dave D

    Zingers are actually a Dolly Madison product that hostess kept when they bought them. (drool).

    My favorite is the Hostess apple pie. (mmmmmmmmmmm…….drrroooooooooollllll……)

    And, yes, I am not thin.

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  5. hohokiss

    “When they opened his heart for the autopsy, they found half an undigested Twinkie lodged in his aorta”

    I got used to eating German snacks for decades so I can’t eat processed stuff anymore. Chips are about the only bad snack left. They come in so many shapes and flavors nowadays, its pick and choose, so its oft hit or miss.
    Is it me, or is ordinary fastfood having to come up with new old stuff more frequently nowadays. Ideally I’d get fries from one place, burgers from another fish and chicken items from yet others. No more brand loyalty for me.

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