Political Graveyard

Clearly, the position fraught with the most peril and liability has to be the chair person of the individual political party national committees. Many times I felt sorry for Michael Steele and the menu he was forced to peddle with the RNC(funny, but I never felt sorry for Howard Dean, maybe because he appeared so despicable to begin with) but the poster child for future photos on the back of milk cartons has to be Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. She loses some sympathy given her fawning/genuflecting/ prostrating positions she uniformly puts herself in when even the mere mention of Obama’s name (some people actually do believe unicorns fly out of Obama’s butt, lucky unicorns that they are), but to be put in to a position of having to constantly defend his antics? She gives new meaning to the term “foot soldier”. Check out some of yesterday’s scrambling to make sense of it all:

Debbie is right about one thing, the president is NOT responsible for business decisions that were made in house that affected the viability of Solyndra as a profitable company. He was not the CEO, the CFO, a board member or even the head accountant that audited their books. There is no doubt that proper level of due diligence was lacking within the DOE in vetting Solyndra, but now that is water under the bridge.

But this whole “layoffs caused by Bain Capital” is a red herring anyway and Debbie should be smart enough (I know, her intelligence has always been questioned) to avoid this obvious pitfall. This is what private equity/venture capital firms do, they invest share holder money in companies that have the potential to make their share holders a profit, and they take over struggling poorly run companies for the purposes of either turning them around (making them profitable again) or breaking them of for parts Gordon Gecko style. Romney worked for BCG and Bain in that capacity, that was his job, nothing nefarious here. Some companies survived and they hired folks, other companies didn’t and their employees were let go, the free market system at work.

But the distinction can be made that whatever Bain did, it did with private dollars, Solyndra OTOH got taxpayer backing, so Romney/Bain’s actions and business practices did not cost me money, not so with Solyndra.

I hope Debbie is at least getting some quid pro quo for all this falling on sword she is doing for her messiah, but I think she will go the way that her brethren have gone before her, relegated to the trash heap of other chairs, never to heard from again.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    I’d read what a useful idiot she was, but damn! She’s practically the very definition of a disingenuous bullshitter.

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