Fixing The Safety Net

Viewer warning, the below video is NSFDS (not safe for delicate sensibilities), but it has to be told. Sometimes shock value is needed to prove a point, but these are actors, not real people, that should take the sting out of the tragedy:

Clearly, this escalator was not union built.

Our infrastructure is crumbling and more tax revenue is needed. If only those snooty rich people would pay their fair share, those dependent would not have to suffer in such a manner. Here, two citizens must pay the price of an obstructionist Republican Party who just can’t grasp the vision our president has for our great nation.

This is worse then a lost EBT card, or a misplaced unemployment check, these people are trying to do the right thing by charging on their already maxed out charge card. Now they are stuck, idle, and useless, and will miss their SEIU meeting where that all important Walker recall petition is circulating. This is not the kind of nation I want to live in.

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