Obama and the democrats win political victory

But Americans are the ones that lose out. That seems to be a recurring theme. Whenever the democrats win political battles, Americans and America loses out. The LSM loves the story. At least they admit employers will just see this all as more uncertainty and this will create about zero private sector jobs. Anyone arguing otherwise is a fucking moron. A lying moron, too. These leftist twits are fantasizing that this 2 month extension that will cause the SS administration a ton of money and problems to do for just 2 months and the LSM is carrying water for them. I have been watching the people that actually create jobs discuss this, and not a single one of them says this piddly $33 billion is going to create one damned job that is worth it.

Anyway, you can try to defend this and make excuses for yet another instance where Obama and the democrats score a political victory and America & Americans lose yet again. The solution isn’t to keep people on employment permanently: it is to unshackle the economy. However democrats want to control the economy, pick the winners and the losers, in the name of all that “social justice” or “green” shit, and if this is how they do it, hurting millions, then so be it. Whenever you hear a democrat talk about creating jobs, know you are hearing someone that thinks government is or should be the only vehicle for that. Even when history proves them wrong every time.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    I just watched Atlas Shrugged Part 1 a couple days ago – this sort of crap takes on new relevance after seeing Rand’s prophetic vision of how things will turn out if these sorts of idiots keep running things…

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  2. hist_ed

    The best part is who, in the end, pays for it. This idiocy was financed by increasing “fees” on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. So they will pass on those costs. All this fire and thunder so we can take a little money from mortgage holders and pass it on to wage earners. Aren’t most mortgage holders wage earners?

    Fannie and Freddie have a huge chunk of the mortgage market, but, if I remember correctly, banks tend to hold on to gold plated mortgages. So we aren’t even charging this to all mortgage holders, we are excluding those that have the best credit and/or biggest income.

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