Havel Gone

All great men are dying, it seems:

Václav Havel, the dissident playwright who led the Czechoslovakian “velvet revolution” and was one of the fathers of the east European pro-democracy movement that led to the fall of the Berlin wall, has died aged 75.

The man led a revolution that brought down a communist dictatorship without a shot and then presided over the peaceful division of the country. One by one, we are losing the real heroes of the Cold War.

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  1. hist_ed

    Holy shit. Ding dong the Kim is dead, the Kim is dead, the Kim is dead, ding dong the wicked old Kim is dead.

    Won’t shed any tears for that little fucker. Maybe, just maybe, a couple of pragmatic generals will put a bullet in Baby Kim’s head and try to start running the place.

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  2. CM

    Yes, death?

    Shutup your face, you’re just jealous there’s so many Kimposts ;-)

    When people like that die I really do hope there’s an afterlife where you reap what you’ve sown during your life here (no, not at Right Thinking).

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