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There are some interesting places in the world, and international currency rates with respect to the dollar ain’t half bad now. But before you go packing the sunscreen and your flip flops, keep this in mind:

Nothing can eff up your family vacation more then one of your clan not making it back for his return trip.

Although many factors should be considered in any direct correlation (unstable governments, lack of religious influence, lack of civil liberties, corrupt or ineffectual police forces, a greater percentage of the population living in at poverty status) maybe the best dot connecting can be seen in how the heavy hitters feel about gun rights. Both Brazil and India exert draconian authority over their citizen’s ability to either own or carry firearms.

We could look at capital punishment as a factor as well, although personally, I think this is a stretch. Brazil does not have it, and India rarely uses it. Iceland and Monaco (those nations considered the safest) also do not use the death penalty.

Most likely, internal factors ingenious to each nation, play probably the greatest role in why they are unsafe.

Sadly, Brazil was on my top 5 vacation destinations in my lifetime, but can easily find a replacement for nice beaches and scantily clad women.

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  1. Section8

    Looking at their list in the lower right, Brazil actually comes in 9th if you break it down by 100K increments, so you can still do that vacation. We don’t rank in the top 10, nor does India, or just about any other of the highlighted countries on the map. They seem to use 2 sets of statistics. To highlight counties it’s the number of murders per country regardless of population, and then there are lists at the bottom of the map that use a separate set of statistics. Also, for the US anyhow are they using true murders or homicides? I think if you get drunk and drive your car into a tree and kill yourself it’s considered a homicide isn’t it? So are suicides and just about any untimely and unnatural death. I could be wrong on that, but I thought this is the case regarding record keeping here.

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